Pastor's Poison


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    Pastor's Poison

    You are the crucifier's of your own God,
    Still to this day,
    As you eat His flesh and drink his blood,
    You judge other's as unworthy of above,

    Standing up on Sunday mourn,
    Preaching to the misguided,
    Matters un-truthfully, of you, born,
    But never-the-less before other's,

    God's statement, by you sworn?
    HYPOCRITE! Harming in the name of faith,
    You are a fucking disgrace,
    Cannibal of the soul and heart,

    Those by evil church lies worn,
    Still spitting on their own Savior,
    Casting blame at some other Jews,
    With their flesh beaten, scourged and torn,

    You look at you own children as evil,
    Because of the way they love,
    In a just world, father's like you get The Needle,
    As your actions are that, which is un-speakable,

    Abomination, Blasphemer Heretic,
    Maybe it's you, not other boys who want some dick,
    Not I, said the one lacking in humanness or basic pride,
    Their cause is hopeless, not mine,

    You are not of Adam or Eve,
    But some foul-smelling disease,
    That fills children with fear and dread,
    It is amazing they don't wish you dead,

    In the name of Jesus, you? Pastor, my ass,
    You want your guilt to control the wife,
    And subjugate the children until the last,
    Breath of theirs has passed from life,

    You sicken me, man of hate,
    I know the strategy and of the bait,
    The passages you can't justify or honestly equate,
    To anything thing by a loathing of all God's Estate....

    The Faery King 2008

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    SILKYTWEED commented on Pastor's Poison


    Fantastic, that was quite the diatribe, on the falsehood of church's 2nd in command....thanks for sharing!

    wheelsal commented on Pastor's Poison


    I haven't met a pastor this bad but obviously you have. A good poem. I was drawn to the title and wasn't disappointed.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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