Attila's Theme


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    Attila's Theme

    I am man,
    Hear me roar,
    Leave your hang ups,
    At The door,

    Born of woman,
    Fired in Life,
    Baby with me,
    Don't be uptight.

    I drink like a Viking,
    Party like a Hun,
    With the soul of Attila,
    This journey is far from done,

    Been with women,
    A whole latta men,
    It's not the body,
    But the soul within,

    Crack the whip,
    Seize the day,
    I know,
    Of, no other way,

    Sing a song,
    Dance a dance,
    Give this life,
    It's best chance,

    We were born,
    One day we will die,
    We'll live,
    And tell a few lies,

    Love others,
    Before they love you,
    To Thine own Self,
    And the gods be true,

    I am Gust,
    The magical, mystical,
    Enchanting Faery King,
    And I love all of you!

    His Serene Highness,
    Gust The Faery King,
    Beacon of the Indigo,
    Prince of Infinite Sadness
    2002@Phaerex (all rights reserved)

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    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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