A Good Remember When


A Good Remember When

Listen to your prophets,
Mystic and sage,
Read the sacred texts,
Find your own way,

But never forget that others wrote into the page
of the loving and Divine,
In most, There Is truth,
As Any Who Love Shall Find,

Never proclaim falsely,
Follow your soul,
The spirit within is not to be controlled,
As we work, that truth unfolds,

Give not into anger,
Or foolish pride,
From your convictions
May your soul, never Hide,

Am I the fool or the wise man,
The Thief Of Hearts,
A King so grand,
No my friends,
I am just human,

One who believes,
And always seeks,
The joy of spirit,
Growth from planted seeds,

But one who does dare to care,
Without imposing my convictions on others to bear,

I see what I see and say what I see,
It's called living with ethics and integrity,

Dont spoon feed me false morality,
I know how the books were written,
A writer who sees the malice of men,
Take those shoes off,
If you want to hear my take on the where and when,
But you must ask this of me,

And your beliefs I do defend,
Because I am an American, tried and true,
One who blazes from the heart in fiery hues,

Many mistakes are made by me,
I am not always the prettiest fruit,
On the family tree,

But I do try to be, the best that I can be,

I will kiss a man on the lips,
Caress a woman's warm breast,

Remember I pine for a maternal nest,
One found with the Goddess and God,

In a world that can be so ugly to cause distress,
Perhaps it is to some, a thought so odd,

I shall no longer repress my understanding of truth at anothers bequest
It is all I have, If my arrogance does show,

Please pardon me.
It come from a life of pain, not understanding what is insane,

Without real soul, the spirit is nude,
And wet tomb cold,

I do not say this to be rude,
And I am not so young as one might think.

But a babe in the woods,
Often misunderstood and attacked,
For being just as I should,
Sometimes it seems like the whole world smokes crack,

I am a warm and loving Being,
One who cries at this world I am seeing,

Where people will kill instead of love,
This is not from Christ Or The Buddha,
From within or above,

I am only a witness to all my senses gage,
And I will not rewrite the page that is mine,

The joy of love and friends,
In this life,

You see God does reside, within,
To not live this life given, is the greatest sin,

Within one book, angels can't have it,
It's God's gift to man,

Spare me the six pack news,
From your pulpits that even give those faithful the blues,

Seek from within and without that which is true,
Be happy, healthy and loving my friends,

For one day this gift does end,

And if we do it right, in the end,

We become a good remember when....

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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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