Sage Burns


  • Love

    Sage Burns

    Sage burns,
    Smoke fills the room,
    In the arms of my true love soon,

    Distance does not separate this love that binds,
    Joined together,
    Midsummer’s time,

    Leaf of Green,
    Brown of wood,
    Two together,


    Kissing lips,
    Our hearts do race,
    Eye to eye and face to face,

    A pair caught between the Fae and human race,

    Bodies in waves intertwined,
    Flesh toned pretzel,
    Heart of mine,

    Your words to me,
    The rhythm divine,
    Sun-fire, Thunder-light,

    Rain of the cosmos bathes us,
    In pale moonlight,

    Yes my love,
    You do travel in this heart tonight,

    Gentle dawn does lead to sunset’s fury,
    My idea of love before you,
    Often false and blurry,

    The angels wept,
    The earth did move,
    The first night we made love,

    That kiss with you,
    Did prove the dreams of this romantic true,

    In that first link,
    Chain of happy moments,

    Mountains moved,
    Finger tips,
    Sailing ships,
    A sea of love,

    Aching for your lips,

    Heaven sent you,
    My love sublime,
    Meandering through this heart of mine,
    An amorous river from the start,

    Rolling tides,
    Faerie smiles,
    You Babe,
    So untamed,

    So wild,

    In the billowing clouds of darkest night,
    We cling together,

    Blessed are we,
    To share this life,

    Heaven’s breath,

    My eyes as I write,
    A misty sight,

    Yes, you gave me the stars and Moon,
    Sunlit meadows,
    Such stormy moods,
    Laced with passion,
    Sometimes Blue,

    Unbounded love Aurelia did sing,
    Me thinks it true,

    I surrender,
    To this love not so tender,

    A heart that beats,
    As the candle flickers....

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    SILKYTWEED commented on Sage Burns


    Nice Write....intelligent but filled with emotion, sounds this was quite a night with a mood set beautifully....

    wheelsal commented on Sage Burns


    You are versatile with what you write. The rhymes work. Not bad.

    bandit1192 commented on Sage Burns


    Excellant! Enjoyed the read. TS

    combatrider commented on Sage Burns


    I like it

    A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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