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  • Location: Everywhere, CA
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Hi, my name is Randy i have loved poetry most of my teenage years until now i enjoy life and what it brings to me every day because we all know life is all in perspective and how we view it so i will keep a smile in my day.


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you have really good Poems don't stop and don't lose Passion in Poems:)

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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blackshadow’s Poems (88)

Title Comments
Title Comments
Her Eyes 0
Fighting Within 0
Echo Time Past 0
This Time 0
Splendor 0
Hold on 2
Blowing 0
Lost in a valley 0
Life as we know it 0
Life Without LOVE 0
Winning Age Race 1
Can you hear me scream 1
Crying 1
Find my way 1
Over the hill 3
Words 4
Dreams 1
Love always hides 2
Mirror Holds The Past 3
valley is deep 0
Guide me through 1
Under the cross 1
hour hand 2
The storm 3
rose peddle 0
Ditch 0
trust in the lord 3
superman your everything 4
depths of my despair 2
walking hours 2
In the land of tears 3
Women don’t 1
O lord 0
colors 1
Pain and hurt 0
I called her name 1
On a Journey 2
Broken hearts 0
Happy is the man 6
In my dream 2
Ever found yourself 1
Young is my mind 0
Pour pour let it rain 0
Father I called 0
As the butterfly 0
On the wings 1
As she lays there 2
Seeking life over death 0
A cold wintery day 0
Hope in something 0
The sand 0
Crazy!!! Crazy!!! 0
I day I woke 0
Angels 0
There’s a castle 2
I found GOD 0
Flowers 2
Tick Tock 1
The loving flow 0
Future!! 0
Life full of wonders 1
1 day I found myself 2
When she enters 1
Tension and stress 3
When just when 1
Through a child’s eyes 1
I day of time stopped 0
Have you wondered 0
A woman don’t know 2
The stars 4
On the river 0
The love that makes a man crazy 3
I have walked 1
The dream that I have 2
Beautiful women walking 2
Death is calling my name 2
I have a love deep 1
Have you ever dropped a feather 0
I have lived this life 2
As the wind blows 0
God gives us the hope 2
Smile when everything 0
Up in the stars 1
In the ground 0
Someday I will find 0
In my saddest hours 2