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is going to Ohio to see the grandchildren, what fun !

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I am just back to active writing. I feel like a stream has been let loose, able to flow, which was held back, what fun! Other than that I feel fortunate to live in Northern CA with so much natural beauty and social awareness. I am liking this part of the journey, getting older. I find that life does not intimidate like it did thirty or even ten years ago. Every day seems more precious and full, brimming with life. My bucket is full and joy is mine for the giving.
kids and grand-kids abound, with a few ex-wives thrown in for good measure. My sweetie, Heidi, keeps me on the straight and narrow. A tip of the empty glass to all friends of Bill W.


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One day, we will have to meet at the "French Hotel" to talk poetry over a cup of java.



I would love to. We could be two nobodies talking to no one and having a great time. I am headed east for a few weeks and will contact when i am back in town



Looking forward...Peace and Light, Dah

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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Poetry Saved Me 1
Winter Rose 4
Set Free 1
Feelings 4
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dream 0
...and bring you home to me 0
For You 2
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Standing Here 1
Engulfed 1
Morning 0
Fixing a window 0
Like the Wind 0
Truth 0
Sweet Comfort 0
Foolish 0
Clearlight 0
Marshmallow 0
Sex over 50 5
Discard Loneliness 0
Holy Dance 0
Stanley Park 0
Wild Geese 0
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falling rain 0
When I am gone 0
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