The Epiphany


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Love... at times....can be a heavy price to ALWAYS.....know your worth...

The Epiphany

I lost a love today and feelings rock me to the core
The one I used to run to won’t be there anymore
The heart singing its song will be silent once again
The price to love this man was just too heavy to win

What you had is gone and he has moved on to new love
What you thought was a fit...had you wearing the wrong glove
To be fair to her you just can’t be a part of his world
Inside your brain, the stinging truth begins to unfurl
Always the one looking out is your cross to bare
Making the tough decisions pretending you don’t care

What I wouldn't give just to hold him one last time
Mold body to body, and fill his mind divine
Time just seemed to stop whenever a part of his romance
A connection that held you, for decades in a glance
Your body coming to life whenever he was around
The moment he left, you fell crashing to the ground

Just to hear his voice... would bring on such emotion
But another claims him... and has his total devotion
Holding on to the past blocks love from coming your way
The realization has come... for love to find another day
She needs him...and as a woman who knows
The time has his family can grow

So once again, you glance and then turn away
Tears track a heartache that begs for you to stay
Walking away in silence as emotions continues to bleed
Knowing to close your heart just what's in need
I'm a I know where the boundaries are
If he were mine...I wouldn't have wanted him to go that far
Closing my eyes I walk away from this forbidden love
My mind hoping at times that I’ll always be thought of

The fact that he didn't try to stop me was more than a clue
Deep down inside...where he held his family...showed true
Regrettably shaking it off n leaving head held high
This butterfly has to grow her wings, and fly
Regret fills his eyes...knowing it’s the best thing for me
Its time to close the book on our secret sad story
Hands on my belly...proof of the love we made
Maybe one day...he’ll understand the price I paid

©2011 C. Lyght

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EyesOfRain commented on The Epiphany


This was heart-rendering. Your composition flowed so well and so beautifully. I have no words to describe how touching and meaningful this is to me personally. Amazing.



Ahhhh....thanks so much for your kind words....its sad though to think this is so many others story....I'm glad it touched you and hope it did not cause any undue pain....its usually the things that causes our heart to bleed....before we realize just what that means.....thanks again for your comments...take care...Cher

charmlessman2d commented on The Epiphany


told so eloquently and pretty. every sentence i can tell you took a while to construct to get the feelings and emotions right. thats good poetry right there. thank you for sharing this. it was powerful as well.



Thanks for your kind words....sharing it was a necessary evil in parts to be honest....I'm sure many could relate to this and I hope that I did the subject matter justice.....I so appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read and comment on this write.....Cher

ESSENCEOFLOVE commented on The Epiphany


This poem is powerful and thought provoking. Many people have gone through this type of forbidden situation. The result is you end up wiser. Thank you for sharing.............E



Thanks so much my friend....unfortunatey this is a situation way too many of us can and will relate to.....Cher

BlackButterfly1 commented on The Epiphany


Awww man....I get this 100% as many of us have been there! But now that I'm out, in hindsight I see that he was just a selfish man in a confused place. I was nothing more than a pawn and in the end he's king to the queen that he chose (wife). If I'm reading it wrong please forgive me but don't be sad over this because it's just another chapter in life that we as women experience. When you meet your own you will revisit this encounter and wish you never wasted your energy, paper, feelings or time on this guy. All I can think now is omg... how silly of me. One day none of this will matter to you but it will make perfect sense. The guy for you is out there and when you open your eyes to see (oftentimes hes right in your face) you will write about that in a very different light. Most things only last for a season unless you choose otherwise. Trust me on that!



You have it right my friend....its funny that we have to learn some lessons the hard way....but I hold out hope for love...I even joined a dating this is relatable as you said....I wish it wasn't but reality is a smack on the face...I look forward to reading you soon I

MootPoint commented on The Epiphany


You are going to have to private message to explain more. Wow, normally I don't like these kinds of stories. You made it come to life, come to reality.



Now thats a great careful what you ask for though...I may inbox you with a whole novel in the so much my friend...Cher

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