What's The Use


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sometimes the darkness creeps in under door. Even the thickest towel can not prevent its' entry. It's just a poem . it is only a poem.it's only a poem. Just a poem

What's The Use

Close the door when you leave,
and tightly close the blinds.
If your taking my light with you,
only darkness can be left behind.
Make sure the windows are closed.
No chance for clean fresh air.
The dying have no need for breath,
no chance for hopes repair.

Stop the daily paper.
Life was bad enough.
News of others suffering,
makes this demise too tough.
Disconnect the cable.
No need to entertain.
To close your eyes forever,
 you must disconnect the brain.

My joy in life's not missing,
just bored from lack of use,
and the love of life is not an issue,
it's just bruised from self abuse.
Ending it all too quickly.
 would take an effort on my part.
I'll just lay here counting slowly,
the last beatings of my heart.

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Teardrops commented on What's The Use


You sir need to go fishing . The poem is well written and full of passion and really good thanks for a great read and smile please Marie

Kanicki commented on What's The Use


Wonderful Write full of passion and so bittersweet; you captured a poem that's not just a poem but it's well crafted words will resonate with many. Peace, Light and Love

MindNumbing commented on What's The Use


Excellent write, free! The rhyme and meter make it an easy read, while the content moves in the exact opposite direction.... well done!



thanks, sometimes life is a mind numbing experience

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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