a tough decision


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    a tough decision

    DPS challenge poem

    Holed up in this bunker
    bombs blasting, guns going off all around
    dead US soldiers sprawled out on the ground
    The enemies closing in on us, we are about to lose this war
    There must be something else i can do, there has to be more

    I'm a General for christs sakes! It's all up to me now
    I know what i have to, but how can i do it.....How?
    A body flies over top of me
    my men are groaning in pain
    I have to make sure that their deaths are not in vain

    The only way to turn the tables..is to use our distraction plan
    But there is a drawback..for whoever carries out this plan will surely be a dead man
    I turn to my left and stare at the boy who i will give this fateful task
    but how in the world can I a man ask...
    another man to willfully throw himself right into the enemies fire
    but the situation is getting worse the situation is dire

    I think to myself, geez the boy is only 18
    I can't send him to his death, I can't send him to die on the green
    but it's too late. I have to give out the orders
    so i close my eyes and picture my two lovely daughters

    I jump out the bunker and run straight into gun fire
    and the beautiful spray of the enemies bullets i can't help but admire
    Ahh! I get shot in my chest and fall face up staring at the moon
    thinking of my soldiers in the bunker the soldiers in my platoon
    don't worry men this will all be over soon

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    willieg commented on a tough decision


    few writers have the ability to put the reader right in the middle of the action but you did it quickly and fluently...........great piece of writing.........kudos

    Photojan12 commented on a tough decision


    This is powerful. I shows how God gives us the power to give our live for another. Few of us will be asked to do this. This must be an exceptional person. Thank You

    MsKrystle commented on a tough decision


    Good poem..... I could picture your words in my head like a war movie....You're a good story teller.

    cliftondurant commented on a tough decision


    This is a beautiful poem I enjoy reading it a story wee told you are good keep up the good work as you read it you wonder how it's going to end

    Tortuga commented on a tough decision


    You pack a lot of images into a tight net package. It's like you're possessed and you channel the truth of a moral dilemma many a commander must have faced; and he is among the few who had the courage to do what few commanders do In the moment he found the light and did what was right. If you can even find right in the choices he had. Whichever way he chose was sure to turn out bad. "...A coward dies a thousand deaths. A brave man but one." Dickens, I think. from A Tale Of Two Cities a

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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