Divine Intervention


  • Anger

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    Since writing this poem, I did a little soul searching and came to the conclusion that I am not a Christian. In fact, I do not believe in religion (any)at all. What I am is a Theist (not an Atheist), someone who thinks that there is some sort of higher power or a "god" out there, but i am completely against religion, seeing as though it is man made.

    Divine Intervention

    I've got a few things on my mind..
    As a woman who DOES believe in god and IS sane, in the right state of mind
    There's something that is making me sick, making me ill
    So i thought I'd exercise my freedom of thought, my free will
    Religion is the reason why I am on here whining
    because there's people out there crying, babies in their homes dying

    People around the world are waging war
    and I can't help but ask myself what the hell for?
    All in the name of religion, in the name of god
    Stringing everyone along like a fish hooked on a fisher mans rod
    We're killing each other!!!
    Our sisters and brothers

    Woman man and child we're hell bent on persecuting
    Going into others countries, their people we're shooting
    Judging one another
    Instead of having love for each other
    All these religions so sure that only theirs is right
    so they make everyone else out to be the devil, the anti christ
    But i cant help but think to myself only one religion can be right

    People...innocent people are being shunned and tortured
    Their mind, bodies , and souls are being extorted
    So many laws in each religion so many rules
    Using their people, the heart of religion, as tools
    Jesus...no Jesus
    Purgatory...no Purgatory
    Can you blame atheists for not believing our stories?

    Religious regulations, the cause of our society's degradation
    segregation, Isolation
    These are scary times that we are facing
    God,Allah,Buddha, the wind and the trees
    Should NOT be the cause of crippling people, bringing them to their knees

    All this hate, In the name of God? for his sake?
    Please!! what gives you the right to judge
    all because of what you believe???
    I'm sick of this shit it makes me want to SCREAM!!!
    Jews,Muslims,Hindus,Catholics, and yes US too Christians
    Have got it all wrong..there is something that we're missing

    It was never intended for us to separate ourselves to spew hate
    doing this...AND in the name of God is our worst mistake
    The way we are is crazy!! it is making me IRATE!!!!!
    I honestly don't know how much more of this i can take

    This is not what it's for...This isn't religion
    I think that the whole world needs a Divine Intervention
    You need...
    I need..
    A Divine Intervention

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    twayneking commented on Divine Intervention


    We are victims of propaganda. Religion is to blame the secularists say. Religion is the cause of all wars. And like Eve in the garden we accept the lie And all that comes after it. The original lie was "Thou shalt not surely die." The second was "You will be lie gods. And we bought it as though it were true Because some snake said it was so. Ever since we have believed ourselves immortal Despite evidence to the contrary. Ever since we have believed we could create a paradise All by ourselves without God. We've told God to go away. Get out of our schools, Get out of our homes. Get off our televisions and radios. And even in some sad places Get out of our churches! And He has honored our choices. We've messed up the world. And now we blame God for not fixing it. We blame church which can't fix it Anymore than a hospital can stop Drive by shootings and wars By patching up the wounded. And we blame it all on God And we blame it on the hospitals for sinners And we blame it on those who warned us That the wages of sin is death. And now we want God to just fix it. Well, there is that he said he would, But the fix involves burning it all down And starting the Earth all over anew. An uncomfortable proposition for you If you cling to the idea that you are a god Simply because you ate the fruit. © 2017 by Tom King.

    mdpoetgirl commented on Divine Intervention


    Nay, I so get what you're saying in this piece (well written, by the way)... the majority of us have gotten it wrong... God is a God of LOVE... He wouldn't want us destroying one another in His name... that being said, people are the ones making all the mistakes, misinterpreting and misrepresenting God. Praying you'll keep your heart open to HIM... Blessings

    Savant commented on Divine Intervention


    LOL. Love the perspective. Love the delivery of the message. I know that I'm 6 months late but I had to comment on this piece. Especially after seeing 148 hits!! Wow. You ever see the movie LIFE starring Eddie and Martin? There was a character named "Can't Get Right". I believe that the natural side effect of the human condition is to screw things up. Values misplaced, power an aphrodisiac, control an illusion, and vision is limited by a muscle we use less than 30% of. Even if we could tap into the maximum capacity of these fleshy hosts, we still would fall short of God's grace. We still would fail in recreating His example of how to LOVE. Sounds kind of depressing but I still want to be like Him. I won't lean to my own understanding. I will continue to pursue a relationship with him. Therefore, I view this piece as a call to closeness. For the believer, I think this is more encouraging than discouraging (not saying that was your intent). :) I liked it though. 149.

    ArgusWayne commented on Divine Intervention


    Excellent! I've always said that my church is wherever I decide to pray, not some fancy building people die for, so I suppose I'm a Theist, too.



    glad to see there 's more people like me :)

    stellar commented on Divine Intervention


    Wow...love this poem so much...we really need need divine intervention...it looks like man cannot solve the problem of his own doing..we really need God to interfere with this countless problems



    thanks ya ;)

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