My Imagination


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    This is what happens when I'm bored and my mind wanders... :)

    My Imagination

    Flicking through the channels, there's nothing on TV
    I finally find an old horror movie called The Skeleton Key
    It's late at night, maybe 2 AM
    I turn off the lights, grab some popcorn, a soda, and wait for the movie to begin

    I hear thunder outside..
    followed by lightning that encompasses and brightens up the sky
    I look out the window, just as it's starting to rain
    I jump, scream, was that a face I just saw? No, it must be all in my brain

     I start to settle down.
    but I am interrupted by tapping noises that are all around
    I'm home alone so what could these noises be?
    This is really starting to freak me out, this is getting creepy.
    I close my eyes and tell myself that this is all in my head.
    .......something or someone then whispers your next your next your soon to be dead

    My eyes fling open. I gasp. accidentally hitting the remote
    at the same time I start to see something moving around my coat

     "this is just in, A known serial killer is on the loose. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt with traces of blood and soil on the front. Everyone is being advised to stay in their homes and keep their doors locked." 

    I panic, get up and slowly walk over to my knife box
    I start to reach my hand in..
    but suddenly I hear's getting closer..could this be my end?

    I freeze as I feel hot breath on my neck
    they giggle, pant, and on my neck place a kiss..or more like a peck
    I spin around, slicing their arm and we both fall to the ground
    they's a he
     I feel the ground around me

    I desperately try to crawl away,
    but it doesn't work, he grabs my leg
    I kick myself free, jump up and run
    but he's right behind me

    He grabs me by the throat and drags me over to the couch
    I can't breathe..he's choking me.. is this what death feels like? is this what dying is all about?

    I slip in and out of conscientiousness
    every-things turning dark, I can't believe this
    I hear my name being called.. Janay...Janay 

    I open my eyes and get up
    It's my boyfriend. he just got in.he says "i'm sorry to wake you up"
    I touch my neck, look around....
    there's a drawer open, knives are sprawled, I frown

    but whats there to frown about
    I'm not alone, I'm in my safe haven
    was all of that just a part of my imagination?...

    It must be. I sigh as my eyes refocus on the now turned on light
    I catch a glimpse of my boyfriends T-shirt and realize that it's white
    "Babe whats that on your shirt"?
    he says "oh, it's just ketchup...and dirt"

    hesitant;y, I say "oh is that right"?
    Then lights shut off. He giggles, pants, reaches for a knife.
    he says" babyyy your next...this is going to be a fun night"

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    ESSENCEOFLOVE commented on My Imagination


    You are an absolutely excellent writer. Great work! Will buy the book!!! Let me know where.

    poeticmike22 commented on My Imagination


    such creativity and innovation. so prolific i love it.



    Thanks :)

    WOOLENWORDS commented on My Imagination


    This sounded like the intro to one of the many books i've read. So realistic and very visually stimulating.



    Thank you!

    bforibus commented on My Imagination


    i loved. didnt even realize u were still writing on here.. great job on this. very visual and creative.



    thanks bf!

    squadbuddy954 commented on My Imagination


    I why I was told to stop by and read this one you have no choice but to read the entire poem because it grabs your attention and carry it to the end

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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