Gray Cloud


  • Lost Love

    Gray Cloud

    Why is my love like such a gray cloud on a rainy day?
    Like a tornado picking up speed, destroying everything in it's path
    Like a hurricane washing away everything good
    Like a tsunami drowning me

    Why is it so confusing,so full of surprises, so unpredictabe?
    Why does it hurt so much, why am i going through so much pain?
    Is love suppose to be so mind rattling confusing? I thought it was
    suppose to be spine tingling, knee weakening perfect

    Am i doing something wrong? maybe i am not meant to be in love

    Why is it that when i think i found the right one, when i think i'm in love and things are going right, Everything falls apart like mud seeping
    through my fingers

    Is there something wrong with me?

    Why do i always think think that i finally am truly in love?

    Why do i fall so easily?

    Why does it feel like i'm slowly drifting apart from him like broken pieces of wood on a raft?

    why am i at a loss for words about what to do?

    Why am i utterly confused about how i feel?

    Why don't i know how i feel?

    Why is my love like a dark stormy night with thunder and lightning, warm rain and a cold wind, swirling and getting worse, striking at different times, electrifying and confusing me.

    So dark that i dont know where i'm at or where to go, so stormy that no light can shine in, that deceives me by it's calm eye and makes me think that the storm is finally over, but quickly reminds me that it's far from done

    Will i ever find my way out of this horrific storm?

    Will it ever end?

    Why is my love life such a gray cloud on a rainy day?

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    MalikPeterson commented on Gray Cloud


    Sounds to me like you are lookin' for love in all the wrong places. I feel for you and these emotions you have poured out on this here page...and hope that you do one day unlock the secret to finding that love that doesn't hurt :)

    dahlusion commented on Gray Cloud


    " Why is my love life such a gray cloud on a rainy day?" — this unique line is the entire soul of this beautiful poem. Bravo!



    Hey dah! it's been a while how are you? Thank you for the comment.

    Chaos128 commented on Gray Cloud


    Love ain't logical, Nay; it's a blind curve that never ends, and your taking it at 100 miles an hour, with no brakes. That's my take on it ha ha. Excellent work!

    Rocetman commented on Gray Cloud


    The Questions that ring through every mind, put in magnificent form. OH love, WOW, what would I know of it? I'm just lucky and fell into a beautiful womans heart, and I dont care how and why. All YOU have to do is write, becouse you catch all the hearts you could ever want with your words!!

    Tortuga commented on Gray Cloud


    If we didn't believe the latest is the last the one the only would we ever fall again? Just a few lines from an old one I ford each river as I would the last and take each lover as I would that final, fatal one.

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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