perfect sin


  • Erotic

    perfect sin

    A soft moan escapes my lips as youkiss me from my neck to my fingertips.
    Then you move around to my lips
    My wet, pounding, and waiting lips that humbly sit between my hips
    Sticking your tounge in and out searching and licking around and about
    French kissing it, caressing it, teasing it
    Making it seem like p***y eating season
    Then to my clit you stop for a second adding suspense
    your toungue starts hitting and circling it
    My right leg twitches you hold it down like closed up stitches
    My body gyrates toward your face but you grab my ass and keep a steady pace
    OOOO! is all you hear in both our ears
    as my foot grabs on and holds your rear
    Excited you get as you start to stick..
    a finger...or two... in this sweet JuJu
    This finger f*****G P***y tasting got my body violently shaking
    Here I come!
    I moan as you taste and slop up this sweet wet paste
    But no we're not done baby we've just begun as you stick your d**k into my c**t
    I hold on to your back my slap
    as you go harder and deeper...damn baby your a keeper
    faster you get with our bodies spent
    you panting i hear all in my ear
    the way this feels could almost bring me to tears
    explosion eruption erotic seduction
    you pull out and we lay there all out of breath
    but slowly ..again..i moan as you suck on my tit
    and i smile and relax cause i love our little sin
    as i wait til your ready to do it all again

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    juice commented on perfect sin


    wow.........we've never met but I can say I know you just by understanding how you like it. At first I was just reading but all of a sudden I found my self getting aroused lol. very good job! btw dont they let you spell out the "nasty" words?

    AFIRIQUE commented on perfect sin


    Passionately erotic. Love the narrative style, tempo, and the climax; I could feel it. Great job!!

    modica3 commented on perfect sin


    very nice and deep, i hope to read more like that from u. modica3

    phatdaddee commented on perfect sin


    That's it I'm not reading shit else you write! There should be a caution for level of eroticism or something! I need some alone time now! :-)

    Romano commented on perfect sin


    BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, ENCORE ..................................................................

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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