Better the World Today


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    • Robin
    • Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

    Better the World Today

    Haven’t brought an end to war
    Or fed all the hungry children
    Haven’t ended the sick and poor
    Can’t imagine what’s their end

    Haven’t stop the greenhouse effect
    Haven’t cured aids or cancer
    Haven’t been president elect
    Can’t come up with the answer

    Haven’t stopped murder and rape
    Haven’t stopped the hands of time
    Haven’t caused an end to red tape
    Can’t seen the enemies line

    Can’t put an end to earthquakes
    Can’t cause the hurricanes to cease
    Can’t stop the pain that hate makes
    Haven’t given suffering sweet release

    I’m gonna make a brand new start
    My life from here will begin
    I will give my life and heart
    For the broken hearts to mend

    Loving more, sharing what I have
    Leading to happiness not to sadness
    Giving my whole and not the half
    To help do away with the madness

    I’ll let my light shine from the dark
    Help those who stumble along the way
    Upon those whose heart bares the mark
    I must start to better the world today

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    Tos commented on Better the World Today


    Very nice... ! It takes one smile, one hello or just one nice gesture..... that changes someone's view in life... including your own. Very nice work!

    organicchick commented on Better the World Today


    Wow.......very nice piece of writing. I like how you progress from haven't, to can't, to i'm gonna. The end has so much hope. Real good!

    kaleo55 commented on Better the World Today


    I agree, sharing, leading, and giving is what allows your light to shine

    dangedmanjr commented on Better the World Today


    a fresh start with noble outlook...very important, and the good thing is, you can always start over!

    bandit1192 commented on Better the World Today


    Very nice idea. Would be nice if we all felt that way. TS

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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