Red Man “A Dying Breed”


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    Red Man “A Dying Breed”

    Somebody tell me where they’ve gone
    They use to be plenty they use to be strong
    They roamed the land happy and free
    Beauty as far as the eye could see
    Living each day in peace with pride
    Mighty hunters from far and wide
    White man came stole their land
    Telling them they were less than a man
    The signing of treaties had begun
    White mans law was said and done
    Once they spotted the yellow gold
    The trail of death began to unfold
    This the only land they knew
    The green pastures and sky so blue
    Not knowing it would be their graves
    Women and children and the braves
    White mans promises were never kept
    Red mans heart continually wept
    More land treaties were broken
    Death of the Indian was white mans token
    Herding them off to a reservation
    Of every tribe of every nation
    Many froze and many died
    Many women prayed and cried
    The white man tried to succeed
    In making them a dying breed
    Open your eyes and look around
    Not many Red men can be found
    They are the few but very proud
    Hear their voices speaking out loud
    They want to love and live in peace
    That their people might increase

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    Azzrella commented on Red Man “A Dying Breed”


    As one of Native American heritage, I applaud your homage. Tradition and Legacy are harder to keep a hold on and pass down, every year that passes. I wish, that history didn't progress, explorers never explored and the industrial revolouition never happened.

    Rocetman commented on Red Man “A Dying Breed”


    Born in Vermont, My great great grandmother was Abanaki. I grew up in Arizona, in the great Apache Stronghold area. I loved your tribute to these great people! I have never known a more true religion than that of our native american brothers, and have been a member of the ceremonial sweat lodge. This I have added to my favorites,. and I invite you to read my "Battle Cry" and " Confused Creed". I think you will like them. Can't wait to check more of your work out!!

    wheelsal commented on Red Man “A Dying Breed”


    They are around but have melded into society. Those that still live on reservations find it hard living. This is very nice. Sally

    1amongmany commented on Red Man “A Dying Breed”


    Very sad, but true. However, there are many Red Men and Women living their lives as well as can be expected, considering what has taken place and often times still do. Joined with different so-called "races", many maintain their culture and memories of past generations. They experience situations of society just as other cultures. They may forgive, but will never forget.

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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