The Key to my Heart


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    The Key to my Heart

    My heart is so mysterious many have tried and failed
    Like a boisterous ocean in and out they've sailed
    Thinking they have the key to unlock my hearts door
    As they try and fail soon they try no more
    The mystery of my heart many don't understand
    Not as simple as you think love can not be planned
    The key to my heart is not in word alone
    Is not in all your deeds to make my heart your own
    Many calms and storms this journey will surely be
    To conquer them will prove a step closer to the key
    At first you won't succeed this is a truthful fact
    The entry into my heart leaves no chance of turning back
    To be able to attain the key the souls must have connection
    The spirit and mind agree or the key will suffer rejection
    So then to have the key my mind must be understood
    My heart to be discerned so try and try as you would
    To enter the unknown where few have gone before
    In hopes that they would find love forever more
    Whoever holds the key will find within a treasure
    Will know the mystery of love without measure.

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    gogant commented on The Key to my Heart


    There is always hope........the key to one's heart is never lost, just misplaced..........................Very fine.........................gogant

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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