Innocent Eyes


Innocent Eyes

Eyes brilliant,
Eyes refined,
Eyes resilient,
Eyes so kind.

Have you ever looked in an animal's eyes?
Wondered what's on their mind?
Do they think like you and I?
Are their thoughts like yours and mine?
What goes on inside their head?
Do they stare right back at you?
Or do they look away instead?
Wonder what you're thinking too?
Do they dream of what they see?
Ever imagine they're you or me?

Eyes romantic,
Eyes disguised,
Eyes gigantic,
Eyes so wise.

I once looked a gorilla in the eyes.
Through a glass only inches wide.
He stared at me, was twice my size,
We sat literally side by side.
We gazed as if no one was there,
Our minds locked in a hypnotic stare.
I saw my reflection in his deep dark eyes.
I blinked first, then to my surprise,
He raised his chin, as if to say,
I may not be free, but I won today.

As I stood to walk away,
I braced my self against the glass,
Suddenly to my dismay,
He hit the window with all his mass.
The whole pane shook against the strain,
Thank goodness for the strong frame.
The glass wobbled but still remained.
I felt horror, then shame.
This proud fellow had had his fun.
He seemed to have shown everyone.
We'd all been pawns in his whimsical fling.
Though a prisoner, he was still the King.

Eyes familiar,
Eyes of time,
Eyes similar,
Eyes remind.

I often stare in my dog's eyes,
They're black as coal, dark and dense.
She'll look at me and realize,
Then look away in self defense.
Some say dogs see the world,
Not in color but black and white.
To me it sounds quite absurd,
I'm not really sure if they're right.
But if they don't see color schemes,
How about their thoughts and dreams?

Eyes of virtue,
Eyes so fine,
Eyes brand new,
Eyes so blind.

When puppies are born, they can't see,
The world's a dark and scary place.
Their tiny lives preposterously,
Exist within their mother's space.
They root for milk to stay alive.
I'm sure to most their world seems bleak,
How long can blind dogs really survive?
Could they live on their own a week?
It's difficult to really tell.
Are a blind dog's eyes replaced by smell?

Eyes remind,
Eyes reveal,
Eyes confide,
Eyes conceal.

Have you ever looked into a child's eyes,
They're reflectively serene,
They twinkle like stars in midnight skies,
They're as pure as a blank movie screen.
They're innocently delightful,
Pools of blue and aqua green.
Their view of life's insightful,
They soak up everything they see.
The eyes of a child are quite possibly,
Crystal balls of what might be.

Eyes sublime,
Eyes surreal,
Eyes in time,
Eyes that feel.

Most of God's creatures possess,
A sense of what they see.
Eye's are amazing engineering conquests,
In animals, birds and bees.
Some say they're windows to the soul,
Portholes of what's been seen.
Small cameras recording life's events,
Vessels of hopes and dreams.

Eyes of confidence,
Eyes so blue,
Eyes suggestive,
Eyes for you.

Of all the eyes the world can boast,
It's the Innocent Eyes that see the most.

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sammia commented on Innocent Eyes


Kmooney this is the most beautiful poem that I have read so far since I started my journey as a poet myself. It really touches my heart to be able to feel the emotions that wonder from the words of this poem. You are by far one of the best poets I have read on this site. My favorite line is "Of all the eyes the world can boast, It's the Innocent Eyes that see the most." It is a wonderful piece and you are truly a talented poet. Keep writing and sharing. Thanks Samantha

mdpoetgirl commented on Innocent Eyes


Very thought-provoking read. I was baffled by the last two lines, I must say. Still trying to figure that one out, but I loved the questions you raise throughout and the way you force the reader to put themselves in the place of someone/something else and imagine life from their perspective or through their eyes. Brilliant idea to write your poem that way.

Lolee commented on Innocent Eyes


Cool read. I remember when we first spoke, I know you do too. The guerilla behind the glass was up close to me too, in a zoo quite like yours I'm sure. I had binoculars around my neck. We were eyeball-to-eyeball, then I did a stupid thing. I whipped my binoculars up to my eyes and stared at him. This totally freaked him out and he started beating his chest and yelling. Two zoo keepers came running from out of a door, and told me to stop. Everybody was shocked, I thought it was wonderful. You wrote a great poem, and our prospective is from what we see usually.

LieToMeHonestly commented on Innocent Eyes


I liked the ideas in this one. I completely believe that saying, "eyes are the window to the soul." All you have to do is look someone in the eye, and you can see their whole lives. You can tell if they're happy or upset or royally ticked off. In a world where everyone puts on their carefully crafted masks, the eyes are a true show of a persons nature and feelings. I think this poem was one of my favorites by you. (side note: I personally would like to believe dogs can see in color. Wouldn't life be dull if everything was black and white? It's the gray areas and the color that make things interesting) Great Job.

SavVySam commented on Innocent Eyes


I really enjoyed the tempo and artistic form used here. Clever insight! Pun intended... Good Job!

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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