Another Blue Tuesday Morn (the 95th floor)


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9/11/2010...9:17 a.m. I woke up this morning and I heard birds chirping, a plane flying overhead and police sirens in the distance. It was another beautiful blue Tuesday morn... This is an acrostic...

Another Blue Tuesday Morn (the 95th floor)

4:00 am

Astonished startle, half awake,
Restless visage, shiver-shake,
Mental mind-meld, second-take,
Another hour 'till daybreak.
Nerves of steel, intrepid state.

5:00 am

Traffic's light, weather warm,
Aurora bright, Blue Tuesday morn.
Newton's apple, cir-cum-form.

6:00 am

Astute arrival, time to spare,
Prodded people everywhere.
Orchestral motions, symphonic flair,
Carnivalistic rustled air,
Electric intensity, dawn's time-square.

7:00 am

Plane half full, infernal wait,
Expectant delay, 14 late,
Relaxing music, pre-vegetate.
Entered sky, a minute to eight.

8:00 am

Senses tingling, slight dismay,
Initial feeling, a.o.k.,
Grauman's Theater, love L.A.,
Dreaded flight, eternity.

8:10 am

Open caskets, lots of room,
Silent chaos, terrorists loom,
Aerial assault, impending doom.
Nowhere to go, celestial tomb.

8:13 am

Flight control, "Transponder on?"
Unable to reach or correspond,
Your altitude, "Please respond."

8:15 am

Friend or foe? Show of force,
Under attack, flight off course,
Decided turn, getting worse.

8:20 am

Armed assailants, attendants down,
Internal mutiny, muffled sound,
Eighty-six lives nowhere bound.

8:25 am

Flight 181 silent now,
One hundred degree turnaround,
Direction change, Big Apple Town.

8:30 am

Hudson River, Country Sides,
Insipid horizons, cerebral tides.
Silhouettes of grey skylines.

8:40 am

September Sky, bluish morn,
Undeterred, Islamic scorn.
Lurid Jihad, Al Qaedac swarm.

8:45 am

Severed Streets, urban blight,
Euphoric wreak, conceded fight.
Yesterday's gone, twin towers in sight.

8:46 am

Repeated cries, "Please terminate",
Early warnings, too little, too late.
Last Temptation,
Nostradamus visions vacillate.

8:46:20 am

Novocaine numbs the brain,
Utopian crypts of cellophane,
Euphoric Raptured windowpane.

8:46:40 am

Seventh Sign, Martyrs' born,
Aqua teal sky is torn.
Lucifer's Cadenced Overture,
Unforgetful Blue Tuesday Mourn,
No landing strip, no open door,
Sojournal stop, the 95th floor.

To the Passengers of American Airlines Flight 811
And all the victims of 9/11

Copyright © June 2009
Kevin Mooney

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Charlie23 commented on Another Blue Tuesday Morn (the 95th floor)


Damn Kevin.... Your poem is very surreal. The power in your words takes one back to the moment.... Thank you for this poem you've posted in memory of the victims of 9/11.

MindNumbing commented on Another Blue Tuesday Morn (the 95th floor)


Oh yeah... this one hits hard. Each one of those "..tion" words are like a punch to the gut, and the timeline is nothing short of devastating. Your intention, I'm sure. Kevin, you've done a masterful job with this. Thank you for sharing ~ this is incredible.

simoneaugustus commented on Another Blue Tuesday Morn (the 95th floor)


I had chills... several times throughout reading this masterful tribute. I have read so many poems about that fateful day, and I can say with absolute certainty and conviction, this is by far the most impressive, powerful, stunning, thoughtful, and well-written piece I have ever read on the subject, and will probably remain so forever. This piece is so moving and so powerful and intelligent and emotional and touching... I can't really go on. I'm still shaking a bit. (big breath) Definitely being saved to favorites. I am completely in awe of this profound and stellar piece of work.

ginga commented on Another Blue Tuesday Morn (the 95th floor)


Mooney, A moving, spine tingling rant resulting from an atrocity that may be unrecoverable. Your one word ines are like a heart pulse resounding. ginga



Thank you Ms. Ginga. Always appreciate your critiques...Kevin.

erroneousflint commented on Another Blue Tuesday Morn (the 95th floor)


You're a very talented writer Kmooney...... Although something could be said that if one wasn't there, they should perhaps yield to the voices of the survivor... That being said, no one I know has ever carried the torch for those who have perished with more fervor than you have.... With gratitude...erroneousflint

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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