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      Heavens light, blue skies unfold
    scripture written for ones told
     Stone tablets came from a mountain high
    the Lords own laws that we should abide
     Simple the rules, not hard to follow
    mans own choice's brought his sorrow
     So God did send his only son
    to show us men the wrong we had done
     This man named Christ Jesus of a virgin born
    came to us teaching not to scorn
     he healed the sick, showed wrong from right
    for a blinded man Christ healed his sight
     Then we laughed and some did hate
    we cast our stones, and called him fake
     These things he's done some parlor trick
    for no one can heal all of the sick
     Then laughing as we did we put him to the cross
    and bid him escape to prove who he was
     Christ did not struggle nor moan and despair
    even when thorns tore through his hair
     Instead he watched as the crowds passed by
    and said unto them in three days I will raise
     just as he said so was it done
    but we paid no heed to Gods only son
     We shivered and shook and said evil things
    ignoring the warnings from the King of Kings
     He came to show the eternal love
    of the father from the heavens above
     Today we are here some broken and hollow
    we've blinded ourselves so no light can we follow

    SPC Knight Gregory M
    NTC Jan 04

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    Worthless commented on TRUTH TOLD...


    i like it...

    Mandi commented on TRUTH TOLD...


    interesting, you have a way with simple words an d your use of them truns them into spears of light, shining stars keep at the writing

    kage commented on TRUTH TOLD...


    nice work and a great message there on.. i like the subject as it fits my pallet well . wording is good and the rhyme is great keep writing

    Charlie23 commented on TRUTH TOLD...


    You have great talent! I love your message and your style throughout this poem! Excellent poem!

    cmlestrade commented on TRUTH TOLD...


    Terrific, a true spiritual lesson taught through consistency of theme,steady meter and an inspirational message. Amen to the entire poem. It's a 10 for me.

    A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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