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      Everytime we meet
    that perfect smile given is one so sweet
    brings to mind a wishfull time
    of laughter and love with no push, no shove
    These come to focus in my mind
    all of this if but you were mine
     Beauty so fine, such pain is sublime
    my heart that is real annot hardly speak
    that which I feel
     Wind dancing through your hair
    with a lovers caress, thought and care
    the wind should be so lucky
    to do my merest chance
    what I should dare
     That light in your eyes
    such sparke, such shine
    if but those eyes so bright
    would turn their gaze to me
    all my darkness turned to light
     Your words from full lips may seem meaningless
    but thoughts that they stir
    bring a warm gentle bliss
     The turn of a hand minus the gold band
    gives hope anew for a single change to be with you
     Not a trophy upon a shelf a single love for another
    one hard to explain but sureley felt
     is just one of the cards in the hand of life
    tho we all must play never sure what was dealt
     loves gentle embrace your shimmering grace
    this beauty before me brings tears to my face
     I dare not ask but would sureley give
    the rest of my life for you to spend eternity with
     Even when I lay to sleep
    dare to think, and hope to dream
    of two lives entwined together
    once just single hearts now bound forever
     My thoughts unspoken these dreams undreampt
    the knowledge of what may never be
    though hard to bear, within me kept
     And so i leave with few words spoken
    these thoughts that I shared
    from a heart once broken

    SPC Knight Gregory M
    U.S.Army Kuwait OIF 1


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    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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