Back Where You Belong


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This is a continuation of Sanctuary as well as a "proper" and long awaited, avenging goodbye to my own personal demons...

Back Where You Belong



Thou hast not a single inclination toward what thy evil dares to ignore…

regret will be thy song of lament while mine vengeance on thee is poured.


Thou hearest softly spoken words, but thou surely shan’t read mine thoughts…

if only, thou knew the strategy with which this mind, impassioned, silently plots.


Convinced of mine fear & intimidation, and even of thine sultry, dark allure…

thou shalt willingly relinquish thy power perceived to have so easily procured.


The reverie thou regards in mine eyes, in time, the truth of which shall be known…

though thou shan’t realize…till time has come to swiftly deal doom’s final blow.


Thine naïve underestimation…will be the dagger that brutally tears thee apart…

As mine smile gently leads thee to the sacrificial altar of Heaven’s heart.


A dance with a dangerous demon whilst calmly resting in the eye of the storm…

quietly owning thine affection & trust, without need for words in spoken form.


Seemingly content in mine rhythmic sway, in the tender embrace of Satan’s spawn…

thee...unaware that mine chilling breath on thine ear, shall usher in thy very last dawn.


Thou hast had thine dance and pulled mine strings as puppet master…far, too long…

Come a little closer, you son-of-a-bitch, so I can send you back…where you belong.

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Mareann commented on Back Where You Belong


Wow... I am so impressed, I love writings of midevil times, as well any english or european poetry.... You have captured my full attention with this poem!!!!! Fantastic! Mary



Thank you so much, Mary! This piece was so much fun to write. Well, in a manner of liberating is a better word ;-)

Marsink commented on Back Where You Belong


An exercise in patience to write in medeival English, I applaud you on that alone. It is also noteworthy that this script is clever and full of delightful disdane for the intended target. Please continue to write as your bright mind has expressed skillfully! Applause Crescendo!


01/14/2011 know the battle of which I know the heart from whence it know the outcome. Thank you for looking outside the atypical box for truth, my friend.

JadedJezzabel commented on Back Where You Belong


Thou hast had thine dance and pulled mine strings as puppet master…far, too long… Come a little closer, you son-of-a-bitch, so I can send you back…where you belong. perfect ending to an epic poem..........loved it



She's uttering the words with me...nothing like a comrade in so much, Jaded...I loved your 'payback's a bitch' piece

gogant commented on Back Where You Belong


Lovely is this bit of Brit......I can see a staunch heroin, perhaps Joan of Arc, wielding a bloody sword and waving it above her head in victory.........This is great, superb it be, my lady....................g



I'm floored by such a gracious compliment, gogant...that this piece could bring one of the most passionate heroins that ever lived to your mind is just unbelievable to me...Thank you so much.

alb29oclfl commented on Back Where You Belong


having been battling my own set of demon's, I find i am able to draw strength from your words, a truly great write



This comment is more amazing than the poem could ever be, my friend....much more. It is you that have blessed me today...I am so glad that you found more than a poem in this. Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight....before you know it...your demons won't be able to stand up against your light.



I found that writing, released some of the demonds that have been with me for along time, and reading other peoples work has given me strength from which I was able to draw on, and express my own battles, hidden in prose

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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