The Dark Angels Dance (Part 2) ***Revised***


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I just could not wrap my head around the flow of the first version...

The Dark Angels Dance (Part 2) ***Revised***

A fallen angel in the arms of midnight’s dark trance…

a marionette of tightly wound strings ...spun for his dance.

Confused, torn and bleeding…arms lifted…string pulled duty…

shameless guilt and hatred for desire to acknowledge his beauty.

Holding ever so tightly…wings hover…keep her from harm…

security plants its seeds in her soul to calmly cease all alarm.

Gentle touch to her cheek…to chin bruised from her fall…

unquenchable flames…eyes pleading...“Hear my hearts call.”

Chilling warmth of his breath on sweet ear in whisper he lays… 

“These strings shall only be cut… when thy heart freely obeys.”

Tresses spilling to caress his forlorn angel’s sweet, tender face…

his eternity’s first and only…bewitched heart begging for grace…

Angst from quelled feelings, she attempts to force back the tears…

single drop escapes to sting her cheek for thought of satisfied leer.

Softest kiss to falling teardrop speaks loving defeat to her resolve...

weak and weary from her struggle, unable to curb their spited fall.

Small fingers grip harder at shivers assault at the base of her spine…

gentle digging of nails…nearly forcing desire over thinly drawn lines.

Strong hands grip yet harder…response to threatened composure…

deeper breaths…speeding heart…bit lip…he’s agonizingly closer.

Eyes, teeth, and jaw clenched with pain shaken fortitude…

restrained desperation for affection gifted only from gratitude.

Fingers tangle in black tendrils…deep need to transform her fears…

magical kisses claim liquid anguish and black diamonds appear.

Soft pings of dark melody fall from bloodshot blue eyes to the floor…

beauty and riches… eternity itself could not prepare her heart for.

Destiny’s grip winning his battle…eyes close…tentatively yielding…

wings take to flight…eyes gesture below…proof of manifest feelings.

Seas of black diamonds glitter with brilliance far brighter than gold…

bittersweet song from a fallen angels lips…devastating beauty below.

Poison by ear by velvet voice , laced its own way with fire and ice…

doom in his arms...tender skin, blue eyes…price paid for ultimate vice.

A dark angel stunned, hung in suspense for the kiss of a fallen angel…

lips laced with deep heartache and exquisite black diamond spangles.

Desire glazed eyes…his low growl claims her will… warmth…deep, thick and coaxing…feather light kisses…feeble, heavy lid protests…tip of tongue teasing…wickedly provoking.


“Ssshhh my Sweet Angel…thou no longer hast need of reason nor rhyme…I beg thee merely to succumb to the timeless flames of our love.  Now…let thy tongue taste the sweet and pure pleasures of coming undone.”


Drugged by his kiss…rapture swallowing her soul…relief…heart…giving in to his call…music…tormented embrace fit for the gods…nights mercy bleeds…puppet strings fall.


Bloodshot blue eyes meet with midnight’s eternal dark trance…

And so concludes…The Dark Angels Dance



By Sharain Clark

© December 23, 2009

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MarionYost commented on The Dark Angels Dance (Part 2) ***Revised***


This one gets better every time I read it. I'm utterly astounded. Love this Great Job. very vivid imagination. All the best -Marion-



Thank you so much, Marion...that's a very encouraging comment and I am grateful that you took the time to read..and enjoyed it...I always enjoy your genuineness in poetry and comments :-) ~Blessings Always, Wamomo

Marsink commented on The Dark Angels Dance (Part 2) ***Revised***


Your writing is a potent elixer of spilt desire. May it be to our better, that we not get what we always lust after. Exquisite fragrance of form and depth of imagery. 10+






Thank you so much...and you are so right...we would be in so much trouble...I appreciate your candor in appreciating the form and expression while maintaining the integrity of truth :-)

redbloodink commented on The Dark Angels Dance (Part 2) ***Revised***


The poem is truley a work of passion.... to revise something myself I get losed in the feeling and never finish it...... I have a couple to work on red



Thank you so much, Red...I hear you...a certain type of mood has to hit me to write, and then I can't stop til it's finished, or I'll lose it... Blessings Always, Red :-)

knight4696 commented on The Dark Angels Dance (Part 2) ***Revised***


Wow - Very Very Very NICE! Love this Dark Erotica - Keeps me wanting more! Awesome work! Ken



Thank you for the read and generous praise, knight!...I am developing a love for these dark imaginations,'s exciting and intriguing to be surprised by those fantastical things lurking around the corners, in the shadows of the mind...

danmartyjake1 commented on The Dark Angels Dance (Part 2) ***Revised***


Amazing and Entertaining write. Creative, dramatic, dark elements make up a beautiful and passionate Angel Dance! Loved it! 10!



Thank you!...ever since your comments on my first couple of poems sharing how you related so deeply...I can't help but get the biggest smile when I see that you have left another :)... Your sweet spirit is greatly appreciated! ~Blessings Always!

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