Gypsy Child


Poem Commentary

A poetic metaphor representing my life story.

Gypsy Child

Eternally held in the balance of battle’s ebb and flow…

Born with freedom in her blood and curse upon her soul…

A tiny child fights for her life, an archangel’s charge to hold…

Her future written in the stars, the hosts of Heaven left untold…

The shelter of the archangel’s wings the only home she’ll ever know…

Without a single hope for peace, her journey’s purpose slowly to unfold…

Her tears shall be his weakness, the strength of her heart his only hope…

The Father’s commandment; “Teach her to fight; she must learn to stand alone…

She is stronger than she seems, my friend…in time you’ll understand and know…

Guard her with love, comfort her with strength; and her heart shall not turn cold…

The legions of hell shall fear her resolve; the father of lies will be desperate for control...

Not one... shall enter the fortress of thy wings to spill her blood or take her soul…

Life’s assault shall relentlessly break her; her heart, thou wilt need gently to console…

My word, dear friend...I vow this charge is not in vein…cast not thy judgment stone…

There is a warrior in that gypsy child that both Heaven and hell shall one day behold.”

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Olan01 commented on Gypsy Child


Excellent work and beautiful wisdom of positive thinking. You are a philosophic poet and very good at it. It is always best to have comments that say they want more than to think to themself it was too long, always leave your reader wanting more... Love, peace and freedom. Olan.



You are too kind, my friend...thank you for the amazing comments and generous encouragement. :-)

Musicmynded1 commented on Gypsy Child


Powerful works of wisdom my friend... walking in all knowing power.. very smart.



Thank you again, does my heart good to know that my poetry touches others in some way when they read it... :-)

Rhymer commented on Gypsy Child


I love the style of this poem and it reads so well. It reminds of the beginning to great novel and definately left me wanting to read more. Quite a talented pen you wield.



Thank you so much, Rhymer. Always a pleasure to receive your feedback and encouragement. I am still toying with book ideas and would love to know about process as I have no idea really where to begin.

Artie commented on Gypsy Child


I think what makes this piece so well accepted is, all can see a part of themselves here. Life is a struggle to all, and strength, be it physical or emotional, comes from lifting weight. Excellent piece - 10 from me



I agree with you, Artie. Although this piece is very personal, I can see an applied universalism to individuality and the struggles therewith. You are spot on with the analogy.

Marsink commented on Gypsy Child


I enjoy the story-narrative and find it is a style I fall into among other quirky undefined structures. I see the archangel as the one who assures the life of the child, but it seems given a more intimate role as well; and is counterdependent with the child. It does not seem that the impact of this single life is as the life of our own children, but a child given to posterity for the mutual benefit of a great many for all time. I appreciate your vivid edge style in theme and element! Thanks for sharing

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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