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Kind of a continuation of Gypsy Child...I've been working on spinning a chapter or two for a novel and this stems from part of a conversation between the protagonist and an antagonist that I thought would work well in a poem.


"O'  wretched demon bleeding lifeblood from mine very soul...
teeth tearing, restless writhing, deaths blackened heart, so cold."

"Thy screech, like a dagger, doth swiftly pierce mine deafened ear...
drowning loves lonely cry, tender heart willing, might some way hear."

"Thy master slithers so deftly and smoothly through thy veins...
thy steps, each one ordered...forever & evermore ball and chained."

"He sends thee to fill mine spirit with his eternal torment and fear...
What am I...that thine imposition remains so relentlessly near?"

"Why is it that hell should be so afraid of a single, small, solitary soul?
no matter fate or destiny, or how dearly the hosts of Heaven hold?"

"Patronize me not, nor twist mine tongue, thou beastly creature from below...
I know your ways and mind...though mine ears have never plainly been told."

"Let not thy tongue continue to reside on hypocrisies deceiptful throne...
If any truth be in thy power, let it now & forever be plainly known."

"Peace from thine relentless assault is mine heart & souls only desire...
 freedom from refining by the scorching flames & pain of your fire."

"Speak thine peace, lowly beast...loose thy tongue as much as thy may...
grant me the freedom of truth, lest I call the archangel on thee to prey."

"There be more truth concerning thee than mine master has imparted,
only that mine commandment be that thou remain forever more disheartened."

"Deliciously fierce is the game of mind & heart I have been sent to play...
drawing out thine darkest nights and maddening thine brightest days."

"Sweet child, thou knowest well that mine tongue doth not move freely...
but even thine archangel knows...thy flesh & blood shall never know its Sanctuary."

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Olan01 commented on Sanctuary


Wonderful, splendid and brilliant write. This is one of the best darkened tales I have read recently. For that you get a bravo, a ten and it goes to my favorites of which I have only a few. Love, peace and freedom, Olan



Thank you so much, Olan!!!...for both the fabulous comment and the honor of your friend request and this piece being placed in your favorites...its one of mine, too. :-) I will be by very soon to return the courtesy!

ForeverPoet commented on Sanctuary


wamomo~ thou hast spun a tale of darkness, and yet, thine light bequests a glimmer of hope. a fine write! I could not help myself but to indulge in an old world english accent as well whilst reading. keep up the great work. ~forever~



Thank you so much! Haha...yes, I agree...I cannot read this without employing a rather theatrical accent to accompany It's just too much fun! Thanks for your generous comments and encouragement!

redbloodink commented on Sanctuary


Yes even in the darkest of dark light can shine out of it...... And it poored out of this my friend...... loved it and just know it is a home hitter........ red



Red, my friend...your encouragement and eternal optimism is a ray of light and hope, a reminder of our ability to command the darkness with a single flicker of light. Blessings always.



awe thank you Wammo I try to remain optimistic...... for many reasons.... exspecialy for every thing I am going through I refuse to lay down and have a bad day.......

knight4696 commented on Sanctuary


Hey Wamomo! Great Stuff! I love the old world dialect you used. It added to the enjoyment of this dark and eerie write! Ian told me you were back and to check this out .. so glad he did. Great write my friend! :) Ken



Thank you, Ken! I really enjoyed writing this was lots of fun for twisting the tongue and playing with dialect. I appreciate your reading! :-)

Chaos128 commented on Sanctuary


Ha ha A really, really cool ride through the "spooky house". I read through this one a couple of times, just to get a piece of the fun reading it that you had writing it, and it was well worth it : )



...very intuitive observation, It was quite the interesting attitude by which it came to be..and the dialect is fun for sure because it just rolls off the tongue like poetry :-) ...thanks for stopping by and commenting! ~ Blessings ~ Sharain

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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