The Dark Angels Dance


The Dark Angels Dance

The Dark Angels Dance

As darkness disperses by glow of candlelight…

a fallen angel awakens amongst the dead of the night.

Eyes freshly opened to human pain, guilt and fear…

shadows surround her with tight, mocking leers.

Wincing with awareness of broken wings…

hot tears pleading mercy from wicked things.

No logically obvious reason or rhyme…

descent...devoid of comprehendible crime.

Bruises and blood fresh from the fall…

cheeks stained with crimson, no hope for her call.

Weakness of mind and spirit brand new…

distortion and darkness lay hold of her view.

Earthly senses in likeness of a newborn babes…

her strength but mortal, thoughts deeply ashamed.

Bloodshot blue eyes fight to gain sight of her foes…

alabaster skin flushed with fresh hints of rose.

Long golden tendrils turn as black as the night…

first hunger emerging distracts from the fight.

Huddled wings folded, trembling with pain…

head gently bowed, chin on knees gently lain.

The outline of her frame, small and demure…

a dark angel stunned, attempts to resist her allure.

Pacing the floor, humming a deep and dark tune…

drowning out her soft cry, his resolve damned to doom.

His midnight eyes aflame with newfound desire…

to touch her wings with deep heartache and fire.

His approach silent and steady…his breathing aflame…

whisper seducing; “Sweet Angel… you suffer in vein.”

Lips laced with desire, sensations of fire and ice…

a delicate kiss to tender skin...destined his vice.

Taken aback by soft tremors, utterly shattering his guard…

agony pierces, as if heart stabbed with long crystal chards.

His hands strong and sure; lay over trembling fingers…

dark wings surround her, hell bent and determined to linger.

Lifting her softly to stand, tenderly bracing her wings…

astounded his heart might be inclined to such things.

Turning her slowly, eyes burning… fixed on her soul…

an arm circles her waist… tight grip… closer hold.

Winged fortress offers shelter as deep silence resounds…

the music starts playing and hearts thunder abounds.

Bloodshot blue eyes meet with midnight’s dark trance…

and so it begins… The Dark Angels Dance…


By Sharain C.

December 16, 2009

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inkmaster commented on The Dark Angels Dance


very gothic and wonderfully writen....the images of the verse are over welming....I liked this alot ...write on....!

Olan01 commented on The Dark Angels Dance


Another wonderful poem, my friend. This an antithesis poem to my poem, Airborne. In this poem darkness comes to consume light and in Airborne light come to heal the damage. Well done. Olan.



I guess it kind of is, isn't it? Thank you,'s a blessing to receive feedback and encouragement from a poet of such caliber.

soulwriter commented on The Dark Angels Dance


I know how difficult it is to tell a complete story in rhyme; to hold the readers interest and still make the words flow. To bring together each stanza in a way that the audience is enticed to want the words to grow more powerful. Very powerful this piece. 10



Thank you so much for stopping by and reading and commenting. Actually, telling a story in my work is my mode of preference, it just seems to come more naturally to me than other types of poetry..I don't try any further than arranging the story in my mind and finding the right words to make it sound the way I just always seems to work out...process? don't ask's kind of like my singing, only I can't read music.. :-(. I feel like a kindergartner when it comes to actually attempting to figure out what I've

Bobbie876 commented on The Dark Angels Dance


WOW love the story it tells! Winged fortress offers shelter as deep silence resounds....beautiful imagey



Thank you, Bobbie!

mufasa commented on The Dark Angels Dance


OMG this is an amazing poem that takes one on a journey.You have to go back and read between the lines. Very awe inspiring,Keep writing.

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