Liquid Vision


Liquid Vision

Every now and then, loving brush strokes on my heart…
Paint my life around me as a breathtaking,
Incomplete, masterpiece of art.

A new perspective of liquid colors melting together and falling down…
Forming in my mind,
an opalescent puddle at my feet… on the ground

No longer able to see with my eyes, my heart translates for me…
A solitary place between reality and soul
As I become blinded by the blur and distortion takes its hold.

The stream of liquid diamonds in the richest sense of all
cleanses my mind of clutter and engages the depths of my soul.
A miracle of release intended to heal the heart...
An intense new view of the things in life that are out of my control.

Before too long, I’m drowning in a violent, opalescent ocean…
made of liquid vision from my heart…
Gasping for air and fighting…
Desperate to get a glimpse of the finished piece of art.

And just as the struggle becomes too much
in the darkest hour of hearts’ night,
I hear my Father’s voice calmly saying…
“Everything will be alright.”

“Fear not, my child, I AM is here, you are not alone.
If you’ll put your arms around me,
I’ll carry you to shore and get you safely home.”

His eyes light up as I reach for Him…
His smile paints morning’s first light upon my soul…
And slowly, the storm within a raging heart,
is brought under control.

Then He takes me by the hand and speaks such words of love,
From no one on earth… have I ever known…
“Be patient little one, it was all a part of the master plan…
Now, the canvas is prepared, and your Artist is at hand.”

“I painted those brush strokes on your heart...
they’re not finished yet, I know.
The important thing is they’ve done their work…
Liquid vision brought you home.”

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Olan01 commented on Liquid Vision


I love how you paint with words and compare yourself to an unfinished work of art. I am an artist who learned how to paint with words so I relate. The drowning feeling I have also experienced and know the feel firsthand and it is as you state. Between reality and soul is so right-on that is the state of all humans who are broken, incomplete. That was not the design for the species to be broken but they went their own way in life and disconnected. The awakened human has reconnected to their "soul"; we are like a electrical cord that has a lose connection. As a human looks outward they see the world and have more questions and with each discovery even more questions, but the one who connects to the unconscious mind only finds answers. Well done and in my favorites. Love, peace and freedom, Olan.



Thank you so much once again, Olan. This piece in particular is precious to is a combined representation of my spiritual journey from a vantage point of understanding in art. My mother was a painter and I used to sit and watch her paint for hours before she passed. She taught me to see the world with the eyes of my heart...and while her translations manifested themselves with paint, mine poured out in words...the two bridged in spiritual understanding of truth unspoken and uniquely appreciated by both. This was my dedication to both her and her gifts that taught me so much.

ForeverPoet commented on Liquid Vision


wamomo~ wow, this is such a heartfelt and beautiful write. your Dad must be smiling!!! I so enjoy your writing. keep up the great work. I love your word flow! ~forever~



Thank you so much, Forever. I sure hope He's've sure given Him a run for His I can hear Him snickering

Musicmynded1 commented on Liquid Vision


Whoa.. a very touching piece.. completely encircled in His love.



Is there any other way that one can truly understand His love other than to be folded in His arms like a child on His lap? For it is only there we can look upon His face and know by His smile just how precious we truly are. Thank you, Music.

Bobbie876 commented on Liquid Vision


Very beautiful and inspiring..tears are indeed a language



Thank you, Bobbie! This is one of my all time favorites, and I agree, tears are a language...Lord knows I shed plenty of them during this write... :-)

inkmaster commented on Liquid Vision


Nice write I enjoyed this..Great flow......................Inkmaster

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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