On The Verge of Vanishing


On The Verge of Vanishing




on the verge of vanishing,

…straddling the fence at very first hint,

one foot on one side staying,

…other poised for a timely sprint.



to learn from present, past experience,

…life lessons, emotional defense,

hoping we’ve learned when to stand,

…or readily jump the fence.



is so blinding, everyone debates

…taking  courage, hope, strength and faith

to give that kind of unbridled power,

… allowing another to seal your fate.



the farthest corner hiding, we think,

…squinting in skepticisms light

waiting for a clearer picture,

…justification…that we’re right.



truth is barely discernable,

…through eyes of a tainted heart,

but seek it diligently without reprieve,

…and it has to step out from the dark.



illuminates darkness plainly, only,

…with eyes wide open, willing to see,

beyond the doubt riddled, tormented mind,

…is where we’ll find the truth we seek.



when we break through the tainted veil,

…understanding comes swiftly anew,

breaking the bonds of past experience,

…fortifying wisdom’s time standing proofs.




then gently guides one step at a time,

…teaching the heart to refrain from retreating,

able to remain in love’s light without fear,

… no longer on the verge of vanishing.

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JadedJezzabel commented on On The Verge of Vanishing


i usually can't read longer poems till the end but you hooked me with the first stanza..........reeled me in with the 3rd.......and brought me abord with the last one...........poeticly perfect......a master piece



Wow. That is an amazing compliment, Jaded...and from such a talented poetress as yourself, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

MarionYost commented on On The Verge of Vanishing


This is a beautiful poem. I love this definitely one of my favorites of yours. keep them coming, I'm looking forward to more. All the best -Marion-



Marion :-) .... can't help smiling when I see you've been here. Thanks so much for your generous comment and I look forward to reading more from you, too!

sgiguere commented on On The Verge of Vanishing


This is a very strong piece, beautiful. Interesting form, it works well!



Thank you so much, new friend! This piece holds tremendous personal significance in my life and it does this heart good to know it gets its message across in a way that delivers well!

Olan01 commented on On The Verge of Vanishing


Very well penned and I like the way you structured it by giving a message to the poem with one-word stanza lead-ins. This is a 10 for you. Love, peace and freedom, Olan.

angel33614 commented on On The Verge of Vanishing


This may be the first poem of your's I have read but it is a near flawless master piece of perfection, bravo! Very introspective and insightful to say the least, alot of wisedom to be found within the inner meaning. I feel the poem build the meaning to an realization of the fact that real love Always seeks love in wisdom and grace, wow what a profoundly wise realitization.The inner meaning if I follow the context correctly is that the in love experIence vanishes before we know and very often very little is left behind and most relationships fall apart but if the love endures with the wisdom of light and grace than the real true love may begin and no longer would vanish into the wind. Perhaps I see, perhaps I am blind. Purity of the soul, journey well!!! with grace and humility ANGEL- POB for life! aka A blind man walking...

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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