Forever Pinky Swear & Blood Brother Promise


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I haven't any idea what possessed me to write this it was fun : )

Forever Pinky Swear & Blood Brother Promise

Insistent not so little girls and not so little boys…

barely outgrown their ‘that's so stupid’ baby toys…

In dresses, skirts, belts, jeans and neckties…

mischievous, devilish grins tell little white lies…

Muddy bare feet...smudged jeans…skinned knees…

fearlessly climbing up high …hiding in trees…

Damsels in distress, little girls dare dream to be…

braving uncharted waters; ”Cowboy... rescue me!”…


contented to be outdoors…fresh air clinging…

Sunshine…breeze, wind, rain, sleet or snow...

there's no stopping them…they're on the go…

Friendship foundations over cookies and comics...

not even girls can trump blood brother promise…

Arguments settled by way of rock, paper, scissors…

laughter minutes later about hating each other…

Giggles…cute boys…passing notes…popularity

banana splits with whipped cream, peanuts and cherries …

Everyday milk moustache without so much as a coax…

knock knock, who’s there?…the best thing going in jokes…

Food fights, rubber bands and hide and seek guards…

welts and bruises… the boasting of battlefield scars…

Stick fishing poles rigged with kite string, worm and hook…

ponds, brooks and frogs…”I caught a fish, mom!…look!”

Races through woods on agile feet… swift, determined and sure…

dirt...sweat…flushed cheeks…hum drums…boredom…thoroughly cured… 

Boy meets girl…girl meets boy…sideways glance…really, really quick…look away…

cuz forever pinky swear and blood brother promise meant automatic…

“unh-uh…no way!”


By Sharain Clark

December 22, 2009

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ApaqRasgirl commented on Forever Pinky Swear & Blood Brother Promise


that was really delightful and cute...a wonderful look back in time to those oh so sweet days........wonderful read dear......thanks for sharing........asha



Thanks so much, Asha....I really enjoyed writing this and am so glad others are enjolying it too. :-)

philjonesin commented on Forever Pinky Swear & Blood Brother Promise


It was also a blast to read. I almost called up my third grade best friend to see if he had any marbles. I was enraptured in childhood for three minutes while reading this one. Bravo lady! Capturing emotion. This is WHAT we do!



Haha...that's fantastic! So glad you stopped by to read...thank you for the wonderful comment, glad you enjoyed it so much! Blessings ~ wamomo

nonners commented on Forever Pinky Swear & Blood Brother Promise


frickin loved this!!!!!!!!!!!! took me back to the fondness of childhood, where everything was possible.fanflippin tastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Haha...the best part about your comment is the anxious excitement in all those exclamation points that screams "yipppeeeee! I'm a kid again!" ...thank you for the amazing comment...your enthusiasm is contagious, so good to have met you!

Musicmynded1 commented on Forever Pinky Swear & Blood Brother Promise


Wholly crap!!! .. this is too totally cool couldnt uv said it any better ma self... think on these things alot but you captured em in words.. bravo



Thank you, Music! It was nice to meet you and I appreciate you stopping by and reading! :-)

WordSlinger commented on Forever Pinky Swear & Blood Brother Promise


lol, I love the ending, every bit of this is precious, a very good poem, ty WS



Thank you so much, WS. Blessings always! ~ Sharain

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