Rock You Like A Lullaby


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A very dear friend of mine lost his little brother a couple of weeks ago. My heart is wrenched for him, but I wanted to make it clear that we are not involved as he may come check the poem out. The poet in me took on the emotion and wondered how I might respond to the grief of someone I love intimately...and this is what I came up with. If you read this...don't blush, cowboy!! Chin up, ya and will always be here for you to bend my ear...(Just leave ur lasso at home, I may be a bull...but I ain't in the ...Hugs & prayers :-)

Rock You Like A Lullaby

The tears in yours eyes fall on tender, aching heart...

pain quietly understood to be no less than tearing you apart.

Not a word offered could come close to quelling desperate pain...

by acceptance and time only, will semblance of sanity be gained.

Your eyes tell the stories of memories held so incredibly dear...

and of unleashed rage, thoughts of life without him, and fear.

Questions of life’s fairness and dread for the long days ahead...

until time smoothes the edges, and numbs the sting of his death.

A soft, warm, gentle touch to tear streaked, blazing red cheeks...

wishing time would turn back & erase the events of the week.

I’d give the world to take away the goodbye you had to say today...

as my heart sinks with every sob, and I cannot keep the pain at bay.

Cheek to cheek, mingling tears with tears...holding your trembling chin high;

a longing gaze, a tender kiss, a loving touch...and tonight...

...I’ll rock you like a lullaby.

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Sydney commented on Rock You Like A Lullaby


this is really touching. i know how your friend feels. Sydney



thank you very much, is difficult to watch a friend suffer so deeply...thank you for your empathy. I look forward to reading more of your stories as they come along :-)

lonewolf commented on Rock You Like A Lullaby


one of the nicest poems i have ever read. what a sweet touching gesture offered to a friend. you definately have a beautiful soul. this poem cant be rated, its off the chart



Thank you so much, lonewolf, for such wonderful compliments...and this soul is a gift from One much greater than I myself can fathom...we each have a unique, beautiful soul born to shine in its own destined way :-)

MindNumbing commented on Rock You Like A Lullaby


Wow... this is so beautifully written about a subject that we all have to face at some point. The death of a loved one is never easy, and watching a friend suffer the emotional turmoil is excruciating. You've captured the emotions well... nicely done!



Thank you again, new friend. As difficult as this write was, emotionally...I am certainly blessed to see that is touching others in a tender way as well. It is definitely a special one to me.

nonners commented on Rock You Like A Lullaby


ummm holy wow. this one got me, so eloquent is your style, im ballin as i write this. a 50 from me..damn.



Thank you so much, Nonners. This was a difficult piece to write and keep re-reading. It didn't take long, but the tears shed during made it almost impossible to see for more than a couple seconds at a time. I so appreciate and admire your tender spirit...just another testament to how truly beautiful you are... :-)

soulwriter commented on Rock You Like A Lullaby


This is a beautiful gift to a friend in need, and the poetry of it sings like a loving lullaby!



Thank you so much, soulwriter!

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