Sweet Ole' Sultry Blues


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A song from one of my favorite musicians brought this piece to life...it is intended to be read while listening to the song...I couldn't figure out how to add the video to my profile...so if you're up for it, here's the link... :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HATWE6Ptio

Sweet Ole' Sultry Blues


Rhythm lulls motion to gentle, calm, lazy day sway…

heat wave gives credence to thoughts of the sweltering day.


Barefoot dance, hardwood floor, dusks sultry beauty so pure…

soft cotton & silk cling to define each muscle & curves so demure.


Fingertips softly trace sin's well known routes of temptation…

lingering on dew kissed skin, shivering from sensation.


Hips sway; close, tight & steady in aching sensuality…

erratic pulses, beads of sweat, unbearably sweet intensity.


Startled sighs fall on ear, sending chills straight to the bone…

steady burn rising, seductive, overpowering and slow.


 Heavier beat entangles hearts in a barely held back dance…

coaxing tension, heavy lids, gasping breaths, demanding hands.


Silk bunches and slinks slowly higher in white knuckled fist…

blazing trails of white heat with tender flesh seeking grip.


Passionate kisses, hot licks of flame reaching to touch two souls…

desire desperately pulls against rhythm’s maddening control.


Music in motion, deep soul emotion, lifting toward ecstasy’s heights…

strength commands, softness remands, yielding to lovers rights.


Souls intertwined, one heart of mind; an undivided union of two…

a crash course collision between you & I… and the sweet ole’ sultry blues.

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Qualin commented on Sweet Ole' Sultry Blues


I agree with all, simple a 10 plus so continue!!!! SO very well written with your heart in command, that is the product of a future great, and deserves the win now!!! Qualin



I must have been really tired last night...I am so sorry, Qualin. Probably shouldn't be answering comments at the wrong end of an ugly bout of insomnia...lol. Thank you so much, my friend and please forgive my utterly embarrassing lack of proper address. :-(

HarverTomsson commented on Sweet Ole' Sultry Blues


So white girls can dance, and live to write about it! It was a straight hair day until just now. . . Harv



Well now, if that is a hair curling compliment...lol. Thank you Harv...for enjoying and being so candid. :-)

Teardrops commented on Sweet Ole' Sultry Blues


you hve pened a master peice you hit all the sences taste ,smell ,sight , hearing and touch you have written a perfect poem . I loved it makes me want to dance Marie



Thank you, Marie! I so appreciate your comments and encouragement. Your sweet spirit is always a blessing to see gracing my page. :-) ...Blessings to you always, friend.

Rhymer commented on Sweet Ole' Sultry Blues


I could hear the music as I read this melodic write. 10 from me.



Thank you, my friend...have a blessed evening.

lonewolf commented on Sweet Ole' Sultry Blues


i get images of 2 people dancin on the back porch in the middle of the night , when the heat is in the high 90's . love this poem



Thanks so much, lonewolf! I appreciate you taking the time to stop in a read and comment! Blessings on all the endeavors you're working toward!

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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