I remember


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    I remember

    I remember


    I remember the dark

    The eerie cold place of my soul

    I remember the hurt

    All I wanted was a tourniquet to ease the pain

    I remember the fear

    The terrible clenching in my stomach

    I remember the sadness

    Nothing could help me but you

    I remember the tears

     Lonely salty tears like the oceans waves

    I remember the feeling of nothingness

    The soul drifting in and out of life

    I remember my prison cell

    The cold dark eerie place my room

    I remember the helplessness

    The feeling like my life would not change

    I remember the anger

    Couldn’t do anything with it because of the fear


    I remember


    I remember the way your eyes pieced my soul

     With unimaginable love, love that healed my pain

    I remember when you held me tight and kept me warm

    It guided my soul out of the cold darkness

    I remember how you smiled at me that first time

    It took my sadness of life

    I remember the first time you told me that you loved me

    The feeling of loneliness and nothingness died away

    I remember the first time you kissed me

    My life did change

    I remember the thing you told me

    You told me that you would never leave me

    The anger was wiped away

    I remember the funny little things that you do

    They make me happy

    I remember when you helped me break out of my prison cell

    You helped regardless off the cost

    I remember how much I love you and anything that bothers me melts away

    I remember only you

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    Bobbie876 commented on I remember


    this poem is straight from your soul..i can feel that....thank heavens for the people in our lives who have been there for us....looove this!



    Thanks, I was going though a hard time. My mom married someone who was mentaly abusing me though repeative lectures and put down some are hardly sayable. It was making my self astem almost vanish. I gad i meet My Boyfriend Lukas!!! : ) Thanks for the comment!!!! : )

    tanmayC commented on I remember


    Extremely intense... Isn't it wonderful how sometimes the sad things in life can create something so beautiful...like this poem... keep writing..



    Thanks for your comment every time I see a new one I get so giddy!!! : )

    Miriam commented on I remember


    wow i love ur problems there so wonderful to relate to. Your a vry inspirational writer glad i read ur poems wouldnt want to miss out on them :)




    Platti commented on I remember


    this poem is very strong and appealing to me, I love how it ends happy after starting out so sadly



    well it is my life Hope yours turns out happy also111 :3

    jademelissa74 commented on I remember


    Your poems is passionate and the feelings are vividly conveyed. You capture the inner content of a longing heart. Good job!



    This poem is about my past and what happened to save me form my past. My boyfriend.

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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