• Epic


    Beneath the fall
    Of autumn leaves
    Unspoiled by wars
    And centuries

    Asleep she lay
    Upon the grass
    'The fairest maid
    In Elfinesse',

    And dreamt among
    The fading green
    A deep and long
    And weary dream

    Of troubled times
    An age to come
    When foul will rise
    And good succumb,

    When much decline
    And will be lost
    Where true and vile
    Paths are crossed,

    Where brave are slain
    And wise are gone
    Yet hope remains
    And lingers on...

    Then lightly came
    A sudden breeze
    To ease her pain
    And lift the dreams.

    As warming gaze
    Of autumn eves
    Shed gentle rays
    Upon the trees

    And through a bough
    Fell on her chest
    She woke aglow
    The shadow passed.

    And on despair
    No longer dwelled
    The thoughts of fair

    For noble kings
    Of future days
    Will gaily sing
    And boldly praise

    The maid from whom
    Their lines descend
    And will endure
    Until the end.

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    cousinsoren commented on Lúthien


    THis poem is an exquiste ballad. Craftmanship, musicality ,rhyming scheme, air of enchantment, diction are all perfect features. We must not ignore its prophetic ardour--the maid will be mother and grandmother of noble kings,.My rating is 10x10e

    Marsink commented on Lúthien


    This reads like a classic that should be taught in a poetry class! Very wonderful story, told brilliantly in images captured by fine chosen wording. You really got this one right!




    nickyssecrets commented on Lúthien


    This is absolutly gorgeous! I loved the tale you told with this! Very well done! Thank you for sharing.

    Sopradiction commented on Lúthien


    Beautiful... keep them at this length-- you get the message across clearer-- good write

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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