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To Everyone who has read and commented on my writing I thank you so much! This site has become a favorite of mine because of the poeple, their art and their gifts (all critique is a gift that sharpens one's art). I enjoy reading poems of so many of you and am inspired!
I was born in Macon, Georgia and have been writing poetry since I was in the third grade. I have lived all over the US in such places as Denver, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Phoenix and Minneapolis. Now I live in San Pedro, California & love the South Bay! Most of my poetry deals with the darker side of life. I am currently working on my first book which will be entitled, "Native Land". When published, 1/4 of all proceeds will be donated to suicide prevention. If you read my poems, I hope that you enjoy them. PLEASE rate my writing. If you enjoy them; say so by commenting. If you do not enjoy them; leave a note saying why. There are some awesome poets on this site. Please rate their poems fairly and honestly. This gives us all insight. Thanks
Justin Eaglefeather


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Justin this is Monica. I registered with my information please email me. Thanks.

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What I love about your poems is they're not just for arts sake...they have some purpose and direction...thanks for sharing

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I thank you for all your poems, they're wonderful!

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So far you are one of my top ten. Love your poems. Keep writing and let me know when the book comes out. :)

Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.


Title Comments
Title Comments
Darkly Shines MY Sun 2
The Death Of Reason 22
It's Down To This 18
Another Drunkard's Attempt At Thinking 11
Solitary 4
Black, White or Other 7
Are You In The Mirror? 5
Life As It Is 4
Pieces Of Diety 34
Dream Me Dark 6
Happiness Ellusive 2
Among Smoke And Ash 4
In Quiet Do I Awake 2
In Silence Do I Answer 6
Down By The Darkside 2
The Summer Of Cassandra 3
Native Land 9
Your Best Friend 3
Rimbaud In A Dream 1
Rivers Of Memory OR Lost In Time 3
I Once Happy 3
I Awoke Dead 6
Comin Of The Rain 6
Four AM And A Cup Of Coffee 6
Life Is Just Waiting To Die 13