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I would like to thank everyone for reading my poems and for giving me positive feedbacks! You guys keep me more inspired! I thank you all with all my heart! =)

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Many people have asked me why I spend so much time writing on blogs and creating poems. Well, I don't really know what to tell them, or what my real reason is. Maybe writing is my only way to express my emotions and the only way to alleviate the stresses within me.

I started writing when I was fifteen (2003). That was the time when I migrated here in the USA. I started with my emotions and use a pad and a pen and the outcome surprised me! Though I don't know exactly what to say, my fingers just keep on typing as if they have minds of their own. My brain just picks up the words and put them into simple sentences as possible. Since then, I write blog entries and poems almost everyday. It became my passion and my life.

It's even funny sometimes that I spend so much time thinking about the topic to put into my blog and what kind of poem should I compose. And when I couldn't find any, I feel so disappointed and irritated sometimes. Maybe I've been hooked to blogging and poetry so much, and when I'm done with my piece, I feel like sharing and I feel at ease and the hurt within me diminished.

Maybe the other reason is that I'm easily inspired to something. For example, if I see a scene on the street, or on my way home, (e.g. old married couples walking hand by hand, Mother and child by the playground, lovers parting at the airport, etc.) I can pick up the plot right away. I can make a story or I know how I can connect it to my current state. I don't know how to explain it but I just feel that I can connect to my surroundings too easily.

But most of my entries are too personal. (I noticed it just now, actually). When I'm sad, angry, or broken hearted, you can tell it right away. Sometimes I feel that I'm like an open book and everyone is welcome to criticize or pity me. But I don't mind the criticism. I don't tell anyone to read my stuff nor forced them to agree with me! It's their personal choice whether to bother or care.

The reason why I truly write?? Well I'm still searching for that answer really. Maybe I want to be a good writer like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City (though I know that all my entries suck minus the sex scenes, of course!) or maybe it's also my way of knowing who truly cares! LOL! =P

Sometimes I will be surprised if a friend calls me and asks me how I feel. They will act so weird as if I'm dying. And they will simply tell me: "oh, I've just read your blog and I feel like lending my ears." OR "what happened? Why so blue, love?" OR "Oh my, that poem that you created really moved me!" Aside from saying "Thank you for your time reading it", I don't know what else to tell them! But those reactions really touch me, honestly! =)

Criticisms are important to me. Like the other poets and writers, I use those to improve my work. I don't mind the harsh long as it will help me to improve, then I welcome every word you'll say. =)


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truth917 profile comment


Your writing keeps my attention. I love how fluent you are. Great works sweetie



Thanks LeKing! Your works are inspiring and truly touch my heart =) peace and love- viejay04

BikemanRJ profile comment


This is one of the best biographies I have read. You have expressed yourself and who you are and let your spirit shine. Be blessed in knowing that you found your love for writing poetry at an early age in life. Some of us like myself didn't find the desire until their later years do write on because your work is inspiring.



Writing is my passion and I sure am grateful to express myself and be heard. thanks, bikemanRJ!

viejay04 profile comment


awww you're too sweet, hon =)

BringMeBullets profile comment


You're cute. I look forward to reading your poetry.. :)

ayyan profile comment


You are like a Pink rose



tnx ayyan ^_^ you're too sweet!

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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