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the greatest litterary work of my life, will be the last i ever wright.

  • Age: 24
  • Location: Pueblo, Co
  • Gender: Female
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1) biography: :P well i am pretty young for now so i don’t have much to share. i am a very private person and i wear a psychological mask 24-7. There are a lot of things that i have never told anyone but i have hidden in a book, or three. if i get to know and trust you i will tell you anything that you ask, but i don’t like to tell people things if they don’t ask because i feel like they don't really care enough to know .probably just me being paranoid i am ashamed of some of my past so i think that may be why I’m so secretive I don't know. but anyway on a happier not what i can tell you: I’m 15 currently, i am around 5'3'', kind of a homebody i stick to my friends and i hate it when people judge me by my friends. i think the statement "show me your friends i will show you your future" is very untrue, i love my friends like they were family, i use writing as an escape like some people use drugs. i think i am addicted to music, then again i could be addicted to a lot of worse things. ummm i have a doggie she’s so sweet =] i know that i am young but please don’t judge me because of my age. i don’t make assumptions about others and i hope that people will do the same for me. i could go on and on but i am not really sure if you care... this is probably a really boring biography but whatever if you made it this far then it must not be that bad.... idk if you want to know anything else send me a message because i don’t feel like typing much more right now.... uhhhhhh sooo yeah... bye ;)


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Hannah!!!! I love you!!!! and your poetry is amazing =)



i love you too! thx =]

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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Title Comments
Don't Be Like Me 1
going under 0
It’s a corporation 1
curb stomp 2
texas ate dj 2
swift kick to the face, make it a double 0
lost cause 0
scram 0
trust is tricky 1
they fight 0
cosmic:rock bottom 0
playing on heartstrings 0
i love... 2
bonfire! :p 0
Long story, short poem 1
Word Play 3
Confused much 1
pain to pain 1
Hush-a-bye Heart 1
get some sleep 0
project4:that type of strong 0
gnificant [Sonnet?]
Project2, The ending 0
Project1, Moods of Blue 1
Nothing but you 2
am i dying? 1
can to 0
your eyes 0
where fear goes 0
trapped 0
you had no idea 0
Sight 1
my heart, the tick tock time bomb 0
thank you 0
the bloody envelope 0
Sunrise in co 0
Secrets 0
I can't Believe it 1
that dream where I died 0
the sea 2
Fule 1
that eternal internal fire 1
missing you 1
stuck 0
tears still fall 1
Denial 1