could it be


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could it be

could it be
the end of the loneliness inside of me?
the end of me feeling so hollow?
it kind of feels like it, but i don't know
we talk more, and more every day
seems like we never run out of things to say
we seem to be connecting so freakin easily
or am i just believing in something so silly?
could it be
that you're realy falling for me?
that you really want something more from me?
i can feel you really reaching inside of me
feel you seeping into my hear, and soul
in my heart, is a big, huge hole
i sense you figuring out how to patch it up
all it really needs is love
could it be
real love that you're giving to me?
that you really think im the one for you?
that i could give you a love so true?
well, im really starting to feel that way about you
with every little thing you say, and do
i hear you knocking more, and more
so loud, and strong on my hearts door
could it be
the best thing for me?
to let you in the door?
see if your love is the love that will restore
all the damage inside my heart
light it up, so there'll be no more dark
make me feel whole again?
and bring my heartache to an end
could it be
the start of you and me?
the beginning of a very long, amazing journey?
with no clouds in sight so we can always see ahead so clear
and the sun is always so bright
keeping all the bad, dark things out of sight
it's starting to feel so right
thinking about being with you the rest of my life
could it be
that with each other we will have everything we need?
i feeel it in every fiber of my being
that we'll share the strongest, deepest love, is what i'm believing
yes i really think it could be
forever you, and me
on an amazingly magical, mystifying, truely connected journey of love
finally sent to us from the universe about
could it be
yes, it's deffinately you , and me.

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Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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