Holding You For The Last Time


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    Holding You For The Last Time

    I've never forgotten that day you brought me to tears
    That heartbreaking day going back over 6 years
    Many times over the years, love has found me, but it never last
    Through the years, not once, did my love for you pass
    Every prayer I sent asked to hold you just one more time
    Every wish I made was for just one more magical night
    I never let my hope die or fade away
    I thought, if it had, I’d never get that special day
    Now here we are
    In each others arms
    The magic showers over us
    We both wanted this so much
    So much passion when we kiss
    The taste of your lips, I really miss
    The memories are washing over me from back when you were mine
    It makes me happy, but also really sad, cause I’m holding you for the last time
    Finally the day I have dreamt of has come true
    I see sadness in your eyes, and know that you have wanted this too
    Holding each other, reliving past memories, and hoping the love will come back to life
    I read aloud your old letters, remembering how badly you wanted to be in my life
    The tears begin to fall from our eyes
    Looking back on what we had before you said good-bye
    A choked 'sorry' escapes your mouth, you stare at me through tear blurred sight
    I begin to sob, too choked to speak, I just hold you in my arms so tight
    Now in each others arms
    Love beating in our hearts
    Your sweet whispers fill my ears
    Your fingers wiping away my tears
    For me, I knew, I had heartache in store
    Cause I knew after tonight I’d just crave you more
    Then you ask me to stay in your arms for the rest of the night
    I really want to, but I’m dying inside, knowing I’m holding you for the last time
    That night was everything I imagined and hoped for
    It makes me so sad that we can't ever be something more
    I knew from the start
    Someone else had your heart
    I shouldn't have let anything happen between us at all
    But somehow you made the barrier around my heart crumble and fall
    I thank you for that, cause I got my wish to feel and hold you one more time
    For just one more night, my first love, was once again mine
    I died when I felt your arms
    Sorrow was drowning my heart
    I was able to hide my love for you, but unable to stop loving you all these years
    This time I would have to let you go, while fighting back my tears
    Let you go back to the arms of your lover
    As I go on alone, feeling my heart suffer
    I am fulfilled, but so very sad, having my wish come true, and spending one more magical night
    That was the closure I needed, to be able to move on from you, just to hold you once more for the last time

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    nikkilittle commented on Holding You For The Last Time


    That was a very good poem. It a happy and sad poem at the same time. You have so much inspiration in it.

    PoeticMind commented on Holding You For The Last Time


    thisi was soooo dep man.....! r u published?

    dannydavid commented on Holding You For The Last Time


    that is saying alot about you if you can still feel like that for your first love after many loves after, and many heartaches. some say that your first heartache starts the chain for your many upcoming ones. i know i still don't think i could be even

    macdad26 commented on Holding You For The Last Time


    this seriously made me cry while reading it. m glad you submitted it into the contest. you are really good david. glad you became a member!

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