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i should have listend to my friends
when they said that he'd cheat again
they told me to wise up
but, for him, i was so hung up
he was my first true love
i loved him very much
things were great for so long
i thought our love was so strong
my friends warned me to watch out
that they had seen him on the prowl
i was blinded by my love for him
thought everyone was just jealous cause i had him
then one day, i found someones underwear
in our bedroom, on a chair
how could he do this to me?
he was suppose to love me
as the tears fell down my face
i could here all my friends say
i told you so
he doesn't love you, no
i told you so
you should have let him go
i told you so
now the truth you'll finally know
i told you so
feeling so stupid, in believeing this whole time
that i wa the only love in his life
i packed my bags, and loaded up the car
i had to get away, just go somewhere far
my heart was breaking as i glanced at our home one last time
how could he let me believe such a terrible lie?
he always said there would never be anyone else
always assured me that forever it'd only be me, and himself
where did the love go?
how could he hurt me so?
was it me that drove him away?
into the arms of someone new for a little play?
i drove away, watching our home fade behind me
just make this pain inside me stop, please
now i had to face the ones who had warned me
everyone i told to mind their own business, and to bite me
as i drove into the night
i cursed at my, now, ex boyfriend mike
the tears wouldn't stop pouring down
as i heard everyone telling me so loud
i told you so
he doesn't love you, no
 i told you so
you should have let him go
i told you so
now the truth you'll finally know
 i told you so
he'll never love you, no
i told you so
i told you so

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