Without You Here


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    Without You Here

    As I’m held in your warm embrace
    While your fingertips softly caress my face
    My troubles all seem to float away
    My fears hide, not wanting to play
    Being with you means it’ll be a beautiful day
    The light of your smile will guide our love the right way
    But as the sunset fades, so rises some of my fears
    I sense that pain is drawing near
    Tonight we must part, and I see the pain so clear
    The pain of missing you so dear
    It hurts so much, my eyes fill with tears
    Without you here
    Nobodies ever loved me the way you do
    Everyday seems so beautiful and new
    While wrapped in your arms, I could never be blue
    My heart races so fast when I’m with you
    Tonight I fight off my fears of being alone, only to lose
    The battle of, oh so desperately missing you
    I can’t hold it in any longer, down pour my tears
    I can’t stand the pain of not having you near
    Somehow, right into my path, you steered
    Our love is growing so fast, the need for each other is so clear
    Tonight, alone in the dark, missing you, I’m drowning in my tears
    Without you here
    Oh come back so I can always feel you near
    Chase the cold, dark loneliness away so I can always see clear
    So come back, or there’ll never be an end to my painful tears
    Without you here

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    everafter commented on Without You Here


    thanks for a poem that touches the heart and makes you feel as if you are inside of you experiencing what you feel

    drewking commented on Without You Here


    heart felt,, nice..

    serenitee commented on Without You Here


    This is a strong emotional poem from the heart keep up the great work

    macdad26 commented on Without You Here


    well it sounds like you and the person you are referring to are pretty insync with each other to write something like that. that is great. now where do i find something like that?

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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