too good to be true


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too good to be true

I thought i met my true love
thought he was truely the one
we fell for each other so fast, and easy
some people would just think this situation was cheesey
but i could relly fel your love was real
my heart was so easy for you to steal
i wanted you to have all of me
and your everything is all i wanted to be
i thought i'd forever be so happy with you
but it wa all too good to be true
we said those amazing things to each other
i was so into you, and no other
you said you'd never hurt me so
that if i walked away from you
you couldn't love anyone new
the big plans we made together
throughout our love we would share forever
i totally fell under your spell, and fell for you
but you were too good to be true
you say all this amazing stuff to me
you blinded me, and the truth i couldn't see
the truth was, that i was not your only one
that with me you were just having your fun
giving me the password to your myspace page
but only the one you used for your twisted play
t know you're talking the same to other guys
telling each one of us the same lies
im ahamed to admit i was a fool for you
your promised love was too good to be true
it really hurts having to find all this out from mutual friends
thank you for increasing my pain, and pulling me farther back its end
i know about your other myspace page
one of your friends on it told me about it today
 i know you want other boys
i can't change that, that is your choicel
what the fuck is wrong with you?
you being a real man is too good to be true
why people do what you are doing to god knows how many of us guys
i will never understand the sick pleasure you get with your twiseted lies
people that cause others real pain through giving false love
should be tortured by their victims, and for their victims fun
for causing their hearts so much pain
and keeping them forever in depressing days of reain
i hope your karma comes back to you by 10x
so the pain, and sorrow is so muchy more severe for you than mine
you got me to actually love you
but this fantasy was too good to be true
the sweetest words i heard from you
were too good to be true
the angel i saw in you
was too good to be true
true love i thought i finally found from you
was too good to be true
it is the end of me, and you
cause this fairytale was too good to be true

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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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