Not Foolin Me


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Not Foolin Me

from the first message to me
i knew you were planning something for me
i love when guys think im niave, and blind
when they think they're taking me for a ride

i have alot of experience
with peoples games, and i play with no resistance
i maybe niave at times, but im never blind
you guys will no this in due time
you're not fooin me
i saw what you did to one ex friend
you atarted talking to me, and you and him came to an end
he was suppose to be your man
you got him to be your biggest fan
he was so in love with you
anything you wanted he would do
then when i popped into your life
you ripped out his heart, and told him to take a hike
you're not foolin me
you seemed to be really into me
telling me you loved me way to quickly
how could you be so into someone
then drop him in a second, and give another your love?
you might be really smooth
to those that don't know you
into somebodys heart you might find your way
with all the lies you will say
but you're not foolin me
i really liked hearing you give me all your lovin
i was smart though, and new it was comin
i can play along, and put your words to the test
i learned these games by the ones that played them best
i know your promises are so full of shit
so don't be upset in the end, when im not pissed
that you didn't brek my heart
cause i knew you were a bastard right from the start
you're not fooin me
telling me all kinds of wonderful things
and i tell you your words make my heart sing
writing deep, loving, amazing poems to me
thinking, that the bullshitlies, i don't see
i love making you feel
that my lo0ve for you is real
cause you continue trying so hard
to pull me so deep into you, so in the end i'll totally fall apart
you're not foolin me
hey, jackass, i know love needs time
it doesn't happen over night
you can portray yourself as my dream come true
but i could never be with a warped loser like you
you're not all that suave
you seem kind of off
fuck with me, and i will fuck right back
trust me, dude, i can be the biggest pain in your ass
you're not foolin me

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