Say Goodbye Again


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    Say Goodbye Again

    It was so hard the first time
    To have to say goodbye
    To the love we had shared for so long
    To the love we thought was so strong
    I thought we would never let go of each others hearts
    That we'd forever go on strong, and never part
    We finally made it through our loves end
    But I'm not ready to say goodbye again
    The hardest part, we made it through
    Cause we were able to change our love into something new
    Our love became a friendship that kept us close
    We were always there for each other
    when we needed someone the most
    We worked hard to not throw, all those years we shared, away
    I thought, in each others lives, we would always stay
    But now I can see, soon, we will reach our final end
    And I'm not ready to say goodbye again
    It's almost time for you to move far away
    And nothing will stop you or stand in your way
    You say you'll call me a lot, and keep in touch
    I know eventually you'll not call me so much
    It's inevitable for friends to drift apart
    After they move away to make a fresh start
    I was hoping to never see our final end
    Cause I’m not ready to say goodbye again
    I'll never get over having to say goodbye
    To such a big, and important part of my life
    But I guess it's time to let you go
    Let you go, so that in life, you can grow
    Tell me one thing before I lose you, when you leave
    Tell me the meaning of a life without you with me
    Once you're gone, it won't take long, for our final end
    How can I say goodbye again?
    So go on, and make a fresh start
    Just try not to forget you once held me in your heart
    Remember the many things we helped each other through
    That I truly loved you
    Remember all the good times, and love, over the years we shared
    And that, for you, I have always, and will always care
    Try to remember me so we won't ever see our final end
    Cause I don't know how to get through having to say goodbye again.

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    soulwriter commented on Say Goodbye Again


    This has a compassionate flavor that leaves a loving taste and longing in the sensory of the one leaving, and with your words your love is forever proclaimed - it may be enough eternal words now written in stone to hold this love friendship forevermore. Perhaps you will never really have to say goodbye. Strong write - write ON!

    connsk8 commented on Say Goodbye Again


    I really like this but I think you can condense some of it, especially in the last two stanzas so that it flows better, the message is beautiful but you get a little wordy and I get stuck on the words and it takes away from how pretty the poem is overall, it does have the makings of a very beautiful love story...

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