When I Was Loving You


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When I Was Loving You

More, and more lately
I have been feeling so lonely
Remembering several years ago
That was a feeling i didn't know
I keep forgetting what happend to change me
To make me start feeling this lonely
So I surrender to the depths of my mind
And it takes me on a journey back in time
To a time i was really happy
To a time i was most always laughing
Back to a time i felt something true
Back to when i was loving you
When i return from that journey in my mind
I always ask myself why?
Why did i so desperately want to break free
From the love you were giving me?
Back then, i had so many friends
Someone to cuddle with when the day would end
Always had someone to talk to
Always found new places to travel to
Now when i look back, it makes me so sad
Cause i finally realize, now, exactly what i had
Back then, every day was something new
Back in the days when i was loving you
Now i realize why i've been feeling so lonely
This is not the life i had planned for me
I was young then, and began to feel so caged
And that festered inside of me, so much rage
I thought that if i left, and got out
I'd be a better person, on a much happier route
I was so unbelieveably wrong
How could i have let go of something so strong?
Still, years after that wrong decision, i'm still paying
An end to my new, empty, lonely life, i'm still awaiting
Wishing i could go back, is all i do
Back to the days when i was loving you
I hate being back at home, unable to be on my own
Every night going to bed alone
Hate being so unfortuneate in this new life
All because i made a wrong choice, i thought was so right
I'm so lonely cause i can't even seem to make any real friends
Forget finding love, cause everyone is just playing mind games that never end
I truely miss you, and what we had
Thinking back, still makes me extremely sad
I still pray, that i can go back in time
Turn my wrong back into a right
So that nothing had ever changed, and i'd still be holding you
That we'd still be in the days when i was loving you

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Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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