Erotically Yours the pg version


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    Erotically Yours the pg version

    The feelings that ran through me the first time you wrapped your strong arms around me were crazy and confusing
    But the first time your lips caressed mine there was a fire sent through my veins warming every inch of me
    Your gentle kisses awakened a passion in me that was all too clear.
    Your playful touches and soothing stares have kept the flames even in your absence.
    My passion and love for you is still strong after all of this time.
    In this time I have experienced with you, passion that most only dream about.
    Every time you are with in reach of my thoughts, which is quite often, I just want to wrap my arms and legs around your strong body,
    and bring you so close to me that you would be lost forever.
    My thoughts of you always start with the way we talked, and how we laughed together,
    and how you held me tight.
    Always remembering your wonderful smile and mischievous green eyes.
    Drifting to your tantalizing body beneath my hungry fingers.
    I have this uncontrollable urge to feel your body tremble under my heated touches and hear your tentative moans turn to gasping growls. I see your face twist with disbeleiving pleasures and concentration.
    I am bound to the urges to continue until your concentration breaks and you explode proving your excitement. I watch your body convulse with pleasure, taking it all in. As you give yourself fully to me.
    All the while, a fire burns so wildly inside that not even the juices that are in my body can extinguish the flame.
    My body burns out of control everytime I imagine you touching me, and yet I yearn for more
    For your seductive kisses to send chills of fire coursing through my body
    As you devour my not so perfect body with your eyes splashes of red explode in my mind.
    As my body relaxes and my guard drops my body trembles and I start to see beautiful colors wildly splashing over you....
    Now I have given myself fully to you
    and we collapse together our bodies entwined in a loving heated mess.
    till the sun peaks through the window and we start another day together....

    this is the edited version any one wants to read the unedited let me know it will have to be sent personal message.

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    WordSlinger commented on Erotically Yours the pg version


    I enjoyed this as well, I have so many that I probabally should add as well

    chadallac74 commented on Erotically Yours the pg version


    Whoa... erotica!!!

    relaxurmindkb commented on Erotically Yours the pg version


    I don't knw if I erased it but I'll leave another yeah that was pg send me the x rated version and I will send you mine aptly titled xxx rated Iwrot 5 yrs back u kinda wild but thats cool I like it

    fenixmind commented on Erotically Yours the pg version


    Loved it! we need more poems like this one.... Fenix

    bforibus commented on Erotically Yours the pg version


    very good poem and the visual was there. just wished it sung more

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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