Every Day Suicide


  • Sadness

    Every Day Suicide

    Endless thoughts are crashing through my mind.
    My heart is wandering endlessly and blind.
    I can't stop the feelings of hurt, and depression.
    Replacing them with so much anger and agression.
    Stumbling through the days on edge.
    Creeping closer and closer to the ledge.
    Ready to jump there's no where to go.
    Killing myself daily....
    With nothing to show!

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    warsaw commented on Every Day Suicide


    It's just a little freightening that I relate so closely to this piece of work it reminds me if when the love of my life suddenly died ( my husband) but I have another wonderful husband but I'll never forget the feeling of the walking dead person i was at one time in my life and how I longed to die but couldn't I[m so glad that I didn't ! smile sincerely WARSAW

    ArizonaPlay commented on Every Day Suicide


    emotions are bizzare and hard to even try n tame to me it seems it has taken a long hard road to get to where you are and i admire you for that I haven't quite gotten to that end yet but i am a work in progress again thank you

    Crush commented on Every Day Suicide


    Isn't it easy to put a face and words to sadness ? Mostly because sadness is such a strong feeling as is love. I feel your poem ....thank u.

    Understanding commented on Every Day Suicide


    i feel like this every each day of my life, nice work

    MilleniumMan commented on Every Day Suicide


    My mind races endlessly to noplace as there is noplace really to go. As the mind is infinite we choose what we choose to see and fear, all things close and all things dear. We are what we love not what loves us...peace, its good to die each day knowing that is is always our last day. "It is" the only day we live.

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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