Have You Ever Danced With Fear


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    Have You Ever Danced With Fear

    The nights were dark
    Stars bright and glistening
    To the thoughts of my soul
    I thought no one was listening
    He took my hand
    It wasn't that hard
    There for the taking like a misplaced card
    I held tight as the icy fear encased me
    Holding so tight the fire
    could not set me free
    For I was dancing under the stars
    With fear as my partner
    Baring all scars
    Have you ever fallen
    but never hit the ground
    Saw the rain drop
    and never heard the sound
    Stuck in the nothingness
    with people all around
    Have you ever screamed with all of your might
    Not to be noticed, by any one in sight
    Dancing the night away with a friend so dear
    Holding him closely..... my friend fear
    Have you ever been held captive
    by the scariest of men
    Your best friend, wouldn't you have let him in
    Have you ever held your newborn
    knowing something wasn't right
    Seventeen, tears flowing, full of fright
    Knowing your decisions
    will save or take her life
    I have danced with fear
    watching my
    dry up with the tears
    As I dance here in the darkness
    and the night fades helplessly to day
    My fear has gone away
    Not to worry for fear and I shall dance another day

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    DeepEclipse commented on Have You Ever Danced With Fear


    Interesting angle. I could see it as being that you accepted fear and became free of it, or perhaps you were explaining a life full of fear to the point where fear is the only friend. It comes to me as a rhythm, like content angst or an accepted rejection. Metaphorical piece. Giving fear a persona was an excellent creation.

    LenaMP commented on Have You Ever Danced With Fear


    Brilliant and passionate. Tangible insight into panic and terror with the acceptance that this is something we must live with at times. Well written.

    WordSlinger commented on Have You Ever Danced With Fear


    Hey you should add this to the forum under daily challenge, under dancing with a poet, it will add fear,lol

    WordSlinger commented on Have You Ever Danced With Fear


    creative and brave, great poem I gave it a 9

    Rocetman commented on Have You Ever Danced With Fear


    That's a lot of heart!

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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