I Have Written.


  • Life

    I Have Written.

    I have  written

    Of pretty pictures from sky,

    of the axe as it fell, and the look in their eye,

    of the head on the block,

    and French revolution,

    of inmates running their French institution.


    I’ve written of sweat that falls on the brow,

    of gunners and lovers to tell them somehow.

    I’ve written of the Bojeemy tree,

    how  I slept under it, and what happened to me.

    I have written of trains, fast  in the night,

    and the smell of the pine if you get it just rite.

    I’ve written to friends, most of them dead,

    and still to those friends now  in my head.

    I’ve written of madness,

    of fairy tales and myth,

    to the  wide eyed innocence of those I was with,

     of voyage, adventure ,and tragic allure,

    of China corrupt and Mandarin pure.

    Of battles and journey , such things I dare mention, compelled to now tell 
    that I have your attention.

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    simoneaugustus commented on I Have Written.


    An abbreviated tour of so many eclectic themes. And perhaps a reminder that the journey IS the destination. Thanks for the cruise, Captain, it was quite enjoyable!



    you get me....you really get me !!! i am going to your page now and read

    SavVySam commented on I Have Written.


    You not only grab my attention, you hold it, in fascination of your working style! Captain, Sage, Teller of tales...and I am your grateful audience!

    cmlestrade commented on I Have Written.


    I love this it is just so darned good. the rhythm and rhyming lines are excellent. You do indeed have our attention and every one of these sories begs to be heard.



    Thanks Its always feels so good to know your reading this stuff.

    Stryx commented on I Have Written.


    Delightful recalls of a man who's 'been around,' I figure.



    Around and back again my good friend , on a fast train! Thanks for reading.

    WordSlinger commented on I Have Written.


    I love this, ? how many poems have you written, when I'm 52 I shall have 2012, lol, ;) awesome write.. ty WS



    Setting your goal is half the battle, you better get busy WS..I'll be checking up on you , Thanks for the read!

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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