Parking Lot Kisses.


  • Love

    Parking Lot Kisses.

    Parking Lot Kisses.



    Parking lot kisses,

    some of the first,

    sweet and full of promise.

    Content excitement

    and the air of new love.

    In the still, in the dark.

    The smell , the taste,

    lingered far longer

    than they’d ought to,

    in the parking lot.

    Parking lot kisses,

    leaving trails from the light

    of our hearts

    as we go separate ways.

    Between pleasure and pain

    In the parking lot

    to meet, to kiss,

    just once,

    and again.





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    Juliez commented on Parking Lot Kisses.


    Oh, the memories of my parking lot kisses - you bring them to life again.

    simoneaugustus commented on Parking Lot Kisses.


    Ah, this was exhilarating! So many times we don't realize while we're in the moment, that this particular feeling will last a lifetime. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! This is being added to my favorites.

    cmlestrade commented on Parking Lot Kisses.


    Every time I read a poem such as this I start to imagine the story. That means the poem has done it's work for me. Were these lovers in an adulterous affair? Was the man going off to war? Were these two teenagers forbidden to see it other? I just wonder as I read this great poem again and again.



    Ms. Cmlestrade, Your comments allways mean so much to me. There is a certain satisfaction when a writers poem is read and recieved truely. It's like getting the ball back in a game of Ping Pong which allows the game to continue. Art for Art's sake is all well and good , but to have such genuiene attention is a blessing. Thank You.

    Stryx commented on Parking Lot Kisses.


    This moment in time brings joy to everyone who has ever kissed and said goodbye.



    Nicely put, we share this moment. Thank You

    Artie commented on Parking Lot Kisses.


    This takes me back to being a teenager, hanging in the lot, dreaming about the future, fogging up the windows. Thx for the reminder of how much fun it was - 10 from me



    Thank You Artie

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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