The Ugly Man.


The Ugly Man.


He peered out from an open crack in the blind.

The sunlight came in too abruptly.

It served as a constant, daily, irritating reminder of the ever-present

great out-doors.

"People",he sang to himself softly,

"people who love people, are the luckiest people".

He punctuated the end of his verse with a resounding"pong",

as he pulled the wadding from his gun barrel.

It was now clean.

He was now ready.

"where oh where has my baby gone?”,

he licked the tears and snot from his upper lip.

Still singing with his teeth tightly clenched, softly ,

“…the lord took her away from me".

He began to name each and every round as he locked it firmly into his clip.

He wanted to look nice,

for when they found him.

Sweating, hot,

sitting on the floor,

poised with his new found friends,

back against the wall.

He picked up the broken cheap acrylic hand mirror.

A lump formed in his throat.

The corners of his mouth grew heavy.

He began to cry.

He'd found the mirror in the school yard.

He kept it.

It was dear to him.

Every time he looked into it,

through the filth,

through cracks,

through his actual distorted reflection into some seperate perception,

he would somehow find comfort.

There was to him,


no other way to alter the reflections his past had generated.

Cradling the gun in his arms,

gazing through his image,

he combed back his greasy black hair,

and wiped away the slobber of his sorrows.


he placed the mirror on the floor.

He slams his head back against the wall.

"There's a place for me,"

his voice trembled,

"A very special place for me”,

he pulls closed the crack in the blind,

"…close my eyes and I'm halfway...",


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simoneaugustus commented on The Ugly Man.


Profound and powerful. So few words and yet they evoke such an intense emotional response. You are very talented and I thank you for sharing your poems. So glad I stumbled across your work!



As am I...

Stryx commented on The Ugly Man.


One discovers a deep emotional commitment to this sad one who wishes to bring finality to his life - a good write.



Again , thank you for your read. Ouch huh?

cmlestrade commented on The Ugly Man.


Every poem is a story in itself. I am one of those sing song poets, but you, you can really knock em dead. Great theme, great meter, in a word great.



Your meter will change when you're ready to change it. I have a sing song (pentameter) or Dr,Seuss mode as well. Sometimes it takes a deliberate effort to brake away from it. I will be readinf=g you later , thanks again ..oh check out "Scramled Eggs" , talk about weird meter .



wow thank you so much.

Charlie23 commented on The Ugly Man.


Wow! Had my attention all the way through. That being said, I have no idea why I was surprised by the ending! Great Write!



Thank you Charlie,for reading it and taking time to comment. Im delighted you were surprised.

connsk8 commented on The Ugly Man.


I wonder who his new found friends are against the wall poised with him, I think you did a great job of getting into the mind of one so tortured but I'm really getting tired of this all too familiar scene. I feel for the tortured soul but we falied him a long time ago and continue to. Why do our "kids" still get to this point of no return? Why hasn't someone noticed long before now before it got to this point? That is my frustration, not your work, your work did incredible justice to an all too familiar occurance...



Thank You Connsk8 ; His "friends are the bullets. I still haven't determined if he is ending his own life or others. I agree entirely with your is the answer.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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