Mortimer's Seed


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Appreciate and see.

Mortimer's Seed

  Mortimer’s Seed.

    Mortimer walked slowly down paths in his mind.

 Through thicket and briar that just few could find.

The entry was obvious to those who could see,

and those who could not, said it just could not be.

Mortimer’s steed walked close by his side.

A beautiful friend he’d rather not ride.

Together they’d stroll with so much to be said.

They talked as they walked,
then they readied for bed.

 With tired eyes, stars fell from the skies,

as they both would retire

 by the warmth of the fire.

There they would lie,

‘till the sun filled the sky,

and when they awoke,

Mortimer spoke

“We’re here for a reason my friend,
don’t you know?”

The leaves falling brown will soon turn to snow.

Just further down, at the bend in the road,

there’s a plot of rich soil, where we’ll unlade our load.

 Sure as I am of our comport, you’ve wondered.

  This notion we plant, too many have plundered.

These drupelets, this grain, these kernels, this seed,

our burdens charge, that all may find need.

 Together we’ll manage ,and those who discover,

will harvest with wisdom,

what earth’s here now covered.

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captaininsight commented on Mortimer's Seed


I'm entering a re-write. Any input? Thanks .

simoneaugustus commented on Mortimer's Seed


Each time I read this one, I see some new layer of meaning that I hadn't noticed before. You have such an amazing talent, Captain. Keep up the great work!

Doshima commented on Mortimer's Seed


The significance of true frienship and in a rare situation and telling , indicating a collaborative venture,"will harvest with wisdom." interesting.

SavVySam commented on Mortimer's Seed


This is one of those wonderful surprises that reveal something new and different to all who take the time to look beyond literal images and ruminate a bit. It is straight forward perfection! Very intriguing seeds of thought! Good writing!


09/05/2009 more songs

HarverTomsson commented on Mortimer's Seed


So Mortimer was saved from soliloquy by his horse. It was an absent notion after all. The deer stole the apples, and the coons plundered the corn. And the wisom to be gathered- is mind your garden if you expect any harvest for yourself. There's more, but some things should be left for others to figure out.



Thanks Mr. Tomsson for the read, I guess in time they will.

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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